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  1. Great thank you. I am going to try this carb as well then.
  2. Do you remember what carb you bought? Or did you buy the OEM from a dealer?
  3. Sorry I do not have any input on your issue. You've tried everything I would have. But I am in need of a carb for the same year/model so curious to know what carb did you order? I am wondering if these flee bay cheapies are worth at least trying. A rebuild kit is $43 and a new chinese knockoff is $23
  4. Looks good I have the flo on my 14. People ask me all the time if it's brighter or is them.
  5. I've ran both Bulletproof and SRT racing guard. The SRT guards are considerably cheaper didn't fit as good as the Bulletproof. The cost savings was with the headache though. I didn't look at your bike but the SRT are only available for KTMs. You could call and ask if there are plans to do anything for Yamahas. Other than that hands down Bulletproof is the way to go
  6. Minnesota

    We got out this weekend too. My homemade jobbers worked pretty good too. Although i was getting passed by a TTR125 and yz125 all day. What are you running for air pressure?
  7. Minnesota

    They say the moto z is better than the kenda in the sloppier stuff. If you have access to a plow i would just plow it out. I only rode on the ice once last season. Everytime i got in the snow it wasn't much fun. The plowed ice though reminded me of riding a sport bike with glue on the tires.
    Takes away from big jolts to the hands. These aren't as nice as Flexx Bars but half the price. You can get different poly bushings to change the flex. Adjustable heights is nice for us taller folks. Go together quick and easy; instructions are spot on.
  8. Minnesota

    Knowing what he bought the bike for it IS a good price!
  9. Minnesota

    I heard euro...he is very eruo trash anyway. This two wheel euro thing will be fitting.
  10. Minnesota

    Yea i figured this would turn out this way. Look i was not poking at you specifically. Just the nature of our sport. Will i buy a new bike next year? No...but like you i appreciate Honda, KTM, Husky, and Yamaha recognizing the niche of offroad. Carry on; no need to be sour.
  11. Minnesota

    Haha way to reward the manufactures for bringing in new offroad models!
  12. Minnesota

    its pretty empty right now...where you guys
  13. Minnesota

    In other news CP is buying a KTM