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  1. Minnesota

    Picked up a new ride. Unbelievable how nice this bike is, so different than my Husaberg 450fx. That being said, time to blow out the 'Berg.
  2. Minnesota

    Which rear tire are you running? The Kenda?
  3. Minnesota

    http://m.northerntool.com/products/shop~tools~product_200325161_200325161?hotline=false Flo n' Go fuel caddy
  4. Minnesota

    I know what Santa brought or is bringing you!
  5. Minnesota

    Come race Trollhaugen, John Smith the former NHRA pro stock motorcycle drag racer lays out a good portion of those trails. You have to look at what the ARMCA and AMA memberships give you, it is much more than a few races.
  6. Minnesota

    And if that doesn't work, check this out https://youtu.be/GnIJd4EPVGc
  7. Hey Bob, We went there this summer and they have a good amount of single track. For sure enough to keep us busy for a day.
  8. Minnesota

    Don't forget that Trollhaugen is this Sunday! http://www.norsemenmc.org/events/trollhaugen.htm
  9. Minnesota

    Well the trail ride has been canceled...
  10. Minnesota

    Our club puts on 2 Hare Scramble races and that taxes the member base. This time of year there is a lot of competition for resources, back to school, football, and I think some burn out. Honestly at this point we need more help with the day of the race which is good for folks looking to help and do not need volunteer points. Enjoy the trail ride!
  11. Minnesota

    Bring your mud boots, gonna be a sloppy mess. I would pull the pin on this trail ride and come work, err volunteer at Trollhaugen!
  12. Minnesota

    Don't leave out the mustaches those boys are sporting!
  13. Minnesota

    Honestly an enduro is tough by nature but I like that $40 or so get me a FULL day of riding arrowed trails where I don't worry about head on collisions! I heard racers get some food after the race too.
  14. The Trail Tech mount is awesome with a Stihl 192. http://www.trailtech.net/csm1a
  15. Minnesota

    A chance to recover, I can barely walk today. If I get up too fast my legs cramp like crazy. But I would not want it any other way! Great time and great job to RVER for the weekend!