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  1. I had to get help to remove my skid plate and then the side plate. The clip was right there easy to grab. I am going to pick up the grabber thing and a better maget. I believe that if I am ready for it, it will not happen ever again. Ugh, what a pain late at night! We reused the gasket. It looked perfectly fine. THANK YOU EVERYONE who viewed my post or responded. This place rocks!
  2. I was adjusting the valves and you know the part about put a rag over the tower so you do not drop anything in the tower? Well I followed that rule in removing everything. However, upon finishing up the job I now have a retainer clip down the tower. Yes, I tried the magnet trick. it didn't bring anything to the surface. Plan A should had been a rag over the tower. Plan B could had been the magnet trick. Does anyone know what Plan C is??? *EDIT* I removed the side plate and it was easily retreived. (by "me" I mean my friend's husband who knows more about mechanics than I do!) Thanks everyone who helped.
  3. It is a long shot but it can not hurt to ask. My bike is apart and I have help today to do my shims. I know the exact size I need. If anyone is in the Bay Area with a 250 shim set, I have my begger's cup out and I am shaking it. THANK YOU. 650 580-6177
  4. I just picked up a new bike. In the past the suspension has been "good enough" to ride. This is too stiff for me and I want to ride in 17 hours. Can someone (pppppllllleeease) walk me through this. I am sure there are plenty of posts on how to do it or what to do. I just do not have anytime. I promise to pass the favor onto the next person. If you have a warm caring heart, and the time to help, please PM me. Thanks!!
  5. It is too late for you, but today I received a crf250x for my 37th birthday. Life is goooood. I wouldnt mind pink plastics for it, though.
  6. Any opinions on the disposable filters? Last time I was at the Honda they sold those to me. However, they gave me the wrong size so they are useless for any of my three CRFs.
  7. Okay, too many whiney posts about what kind of cleaner or oil. I already bought the oil and cleaner. But lets back it up a little. Where is the oil filter? How do I get to it? What tools are needed (screwdriver maybe?) How often do you clean it? Thanks, 15 years riding experience but new to dirt
  8. Cycle Gear said that they sell more Acerbis ladies chest protectors for buff guys. I am happy with mine. As far as matching, I have several sets of jerseys and pants and they match each other. Everything else is about fit, quality and comfort, in that order.
  9. I realize my bike is the smallest in my social circle of guy riders. However, I am surprised that I have the smallest bike here, too. I have tried my friends larger bikes. I have to use a log to mount them. I do not get it how you are all riding these 4 foot tall bikes. My question is not what you ride but how do you get on those huge bikes and what do you do when you drop them?! can you pick them up, mount and start without help?
  10. I stopped wearing earlings becuase my helmet smashes them. Then the anklet was pinching into my skin. I used to wear my ring everywhere all the time. The last time I rode I decided to remove it. I no longer wear any jewelry on the trails.