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  1. Miniphreak

    What are people paying for SM wheels?

    I just last week payed $800 + Postage to Australia, US$1000 including the postage, if you put your wheels on ebay, offer to send them overseas, you may sell them easier
  2. Miniphreak

    RM forks for DRZ

    The RMZ450 forks use a bigger axle, you need to use forks from the RM's, since you have the triples already, fork tubes from either RM125 or RM250 from 2001-2008 will fit your triples.
  3. Miniphreak

    Honda's ongoing murder of the XRs

    I have a 2004 Jap Spec XR250L (they were sold here in Australia), and it is a great bike, even though it is heavy at 128kg's it has more power aswell, it is rated at 28hp instead of the 20hp of the XR250R. When i was looking for a bike for some weekend fun and jumping etc, i looked at the CRF250x, but baulked when i found out how often the piston needed to be replaced, so i decided to buy a WR250f instead, i am still keeping the XR aswell as it is bulletproof and i ride it to work everyday. Personally i think that Honda should Create a new generation XR by maybe putting an XR engine into a light Alloy frame like the CRF, that way you could have a light bike with a realiable engine that can be ridden to work each day, and taken for some serious trail riding on the weekends...Just my 2 cents
  4. Miniphreak

    Strange Exhaust On 2004 XR250L

    i might just see if i can get a Can from and XR250R with the removable baffle or price a new aftermarket exhaust
  5. Miniphreak

    Strange Exhaust On 2004 XR250L

    I have just purchased a 2004 XR250L, i have removed the snorkel, and put in a free flowing air filter, however when i went to the exhaust to do the baffle mod, i found that it is different to any of the exhausts mentioned for doing the mod, when i undo 3 bolts at the end of the Can the chrome part comes off, but the baffle looks like it can not be removed, the model number on he Can is HM KCZ K2, has anyone found how to get the baffle out of this exhaust...any help would be appreciated, and yes, i have searched..