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  1. pmcburney

    2nd gear dramas...

    Thanks for the tips guys... Even though I joined only last year, my bike is a '01 with 20k kms, so I'm thinking that it's not a 'run-in' problem. The clutch is adjusted to grab towards the middle of the lever stroke and has a fair amount of freeplay in it (the lever rattles). I ride with another guy who has an '04 (I think) and he has the same problem. I thought it was just a DR650 thing... At the next change, I might try a lighter weight oil than what I'm using now - 20W-50, and go full synthetic. Only other solution as far as I can see is to back-cut the gear dogs, but that could be fiddly and/or costly. If it fixes itself, I'll let you know Cheers Paul
  2. pmcburney

    2nd gear dramas...

    Am I the only DR650 owner who has trouble with 2nd gear... ? Almost without fail, when changing from 1st to 2nd, my bike will only 'half' go into 2nd. If I don't hold pressure on the shift lever while I'm in 2nd, most of the time it'll fall right back out of 2nd into neutral or 1st. As you can appreciate, you can look kinda stoopid when you're forever changing up and down the 'box just to get thing to stay in gear! If anyone has had this problem and managed to fix it, any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Paul
  3. pmcburney

    Anyone have the Aqualine Safari Tank?

    Hey; I have one on my 650SE here in sunny (sometimes) Oz. Great product. Holds enough fuel to run a small town for a week. Couple of things to note though... 1. Fitting can be a bit of a pain. The tank is designed to be a pretty tight fit. You may need to cut some material out of the rubbers and spacers at the rear where it bolts to the frame. Two people will make the ob easier - one to push the tank forward on the frame rubbers, the other to insert and do up the bolts at the rear. 2. Cross-brace is fiddly to fit. It goes in one way (from the left I think) only and requires a bit of jiggling, but it will fit with the foam frame protection piece. 3. Taps can be a bit hard to turn, and may drip even when turned off (make sure your needle and seat are in good nick otherwise it will dribble out of the overflow). I cut a couple of mils off the springs behind the tap handles to make them easier to turn. 3. Standard (and therefore Corbin) seat fits just fine. I use mine for some fairly heavy-duty off-road work, and I have just had the cross-brace snap in the middle. I am in the process of getting another made in steel instead of alloy, which should solve the problem. You guys from USA... keep buying these tanks, and help our trade deficit! Cheers Paul