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  1. bruff

    Convert TE450 to SM...Help?

    I have all of the conversion stuff for my 06 TE450, it was not cheap. When I bought my bike nobody made a caliper relocation bracket for the upgraded caliper, there are some available now. If you are just playing on the street you could get by with the stock caliper. It sure is a blast.
  2. Fun, fun fun. There is no "making" it street legal because it is right from the factory just like any streetbike.
  3. bruff

    Moroso Track open ?

    Sometime in September is the goal.
  4. bruff

    What SM front caliper for TE convertion?

    Hey Andrew, I replied to your thread on supermotojunkie. Its possible, call Steve/Halls Cycles @ (217)789-0107.
  5. bruff

    TE 450 Vibration

    My 02 KTM 400 EXC feels like riding a stick of warm butter compared to my 06 TE450. Ms. King Kong would love my TE450. It did get better over time, maybe because I gained a tolerance for it. Are they all this way? Or are the Husky faithful just ignoring this? I do have to say my only current 4s experience is the KTM and TE450.