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  1. hello i have a 1987 dr 200 that i,ve been putting together for about a year now i had a local guy reassemble the engine the cylinder was great, clean no sratches, he said he cut and reseated new valves and i gave him new piston rings (the piston on the engine was mint also) he also rebuilt the carb and reset the float the bike ran mint when i picked it up about 2 months ago but i couldn't ride it because it needed a right side chain adjuster so after waiting about three weeks for all the parts i found out the missing chain adjuster was missing because the bolt was broken inside the swingarm so i got a swingarm from the local bone yard put it on kicked the bike over took it for a quick spin and it wasn't running smooth i also noticed a tapping from the top end so i took out the plug drained all the gas out of the tank got a new plug filled it fresh gas tried it again and got the same black dry powdery plug within 1 min. also when i give it gas from zero to full throttle there is hesitation ive called the guy who worked on the bike three times with no response. i am an electrician that knows very little about this stuff but love riding and this is thefirst bike ive been able to afford in almost 12 years can someon please help thank you for your time chris :
  2. cman1541

    is dr and a sp cdi interchangeable?

    i have a 87 dr200 and need a new cdi box found a 86-88 sp cdi box on line will this cdi from the sp work on my dr any help or where to get one without paying the 200 bucks for a new one would be greatly appreciated
  3. I'm a 5'8" tall 250 lb. wide guy i picked up a 87 Dr 200 for short money and i am wondering if any of the bigger Dr machines rear shock will fit on my bike I'm 30 married with a new born so buying a bigger bike is really not an option this is my first dirt bike i have only ridden three wheelers in the past. any help would be much appreciated with the exception of try eating salads,how about some some sit ups etc. thanks
  4. cman1541

    need suspension help with a 87 dr 200

    thanks matt i really appreciate the help unfortunatly for me the dr200 seems to be a not so popular bike. which stinks because i was riding a 85 honda atc 250r and i could find anything and eveything under the sun for it without trying thanks again chris
  5. cman1541

    need suspension help with a 87 dr 200

    i'm 5' 8" @ 250 lbs can anyone give me some help setting up a 87 dr200 to carry my weight i can't seem to find any aftermarket stuff
  6. cman1541

    looking for dr200 engine

    there is one on ebay right now that i'm actually looking at do a search for dr 200 the guy wants 30 bucks just to crate it and drop it off you also have to pay for the shipping and what ever the bid price is ,honestly with all of that head ache and not knowing the shipping cost it could get pricey also there is one up here in massachusetts for 300 bucks but again the shipping could tack on some dough , good luck i have a 87 with a shot fourth gear driven and am having atough time finding parts also the ebay motor is 86 and was running but has been sitting for 3 years
  7. cman1541

    86 motor into 87 chassis question

    does anyone know if a 1986 dr200 motor will bolt into a 87 dr200 chasis and will everything else line up correctly?
  8. cman1541

    is a 87 dr200 the right bike for me

    i have only ridden 3 wheelers but want to switch to two i picked up a 87 dr200 for $100 but it needs work i am 5'8 and about 250 lbs. i will be mostly trail riding with no need for speed but if anyone knows about how fast i would be able to get the bike up to would be nice