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  1. ridesblue

    rear brake problem

    its a plus 2 swingawm if you have extras id be glad to buy one from you thanks bob
  2. well i just put an extended swingarm on my sons crf50 and plan on keeping the drum brake but now the linkage?? (the part that connects the pedal to the brake) is to short (kinda thought that would happen) ive looked a little on the web but cant find anyone that sells a longer linkage part, does anyone know if such a part exists, or if there is a way to modify what i have
  3. ridesblue

    Riding is Awesome (but how do I turn)

    thanks thats what i meant sorry
  4. ridesblue

    Riding is Awesome (but how do I turn)

    dont be afraid to lower the bike even the pros do it rc rides with a shaved seat and he also lowers the swingarm by enlarging the lower whole where the swingarm mounts to the frame
  5. ridesblue

    Riding is Awesome (but how do I turn)

    like in previous threads throttle control dont chop it keep it steady, stay off the front brake in the turn, try and do your braking before the turn and if you need to slight braking with the rear is best. the rest is body position and balance. wieghting the outside foot on the peg keeps things on the ground, when you are about to exit the turn gas it and roost the guy behind you, lots of fun. to practice find a berm you are comfortable with and keep hitting it a little faster each time try it from both sides so you dont become a 1 turn rider. good luck and keep it up.
  6. i would suggest a pass on the class c and go with a class a. the class a is actually easier to drive even though it may look bigger, you also get alot more visibility with the class a. my class a is a diesel 35 footer and is really easy on the road. ive had a toyhauler and the one thing i miss with that is the ability to park it and drive away if i want, but the motorhome is more comfortable, and i dont have to stop for bathroom trips--big plus
  7. ridesblue

    fonseca pictures out of hospital!!!!!

    this is what i have read: currently he is paralyzed from the waist down but that does not mean that it is pemanent. he has swelling on his spine and that needs to go away and only time will tell how much of a complete recovery he will have. alot of that will have to with him and i think that will give him a big advantage
  8. ridesblue

    favorite picture

    heres a few from ocotillo wells http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/yzrider/dsc02880.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/yzrider/dsc02897.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/yzrider/dsc02893.jpg
  9. ridesblue

    What Is The Purpose Of This?

    not sure whats its real purpose is but if you shoot a little air in there it makes it real easy to pop the sparkplug boot off
  10. ridesblue

    shock wont fit

    i got a deal on an elka shock from a friend for my sons crf50 but the spring is a little to wide to fit thru the frame. ive been told that you can bend the frame or dremel it to allow for more clearence, i only need maybe 1/4 of an inch. im not sure about dremeling are these frames solid or hollow. any hints on the best way to do this would be appreciated, im not really a all that experienced at metal working. thanks in advance bob
  11. this is what i did for my 6 yr old two brothers +1" fork tubes from xr50.com about 175.00 rear i shock from ebay about 100.00 new 12/10" wheel set from ebay about 60.00 two brothers +2" swingarm from ebay 75.00 fmf pipe from ebay 90.00 new kenda tires about 60.00 uni air filter i left the stock fork springs in the extended legs seemed to stiffen them a bit overall id say the bike performs better and fits him better. he likes the extra length the bike has with the new swing arm and really like the way the new pipe sounds, so for less than $600, i think i got my money's worth good luck bob
  12. ridesblue

    What can Brown do for you???

    photchop jk that sucks
  13. ridesblue

    about a chest gaurd

    check out this one, they are made well and offer as much protection as any 100.00 chest protector http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?prodFamilyId=7265&navTitle=Protection&webCatId=4&pageLinkUri=&vehicleType=&webTypeId=37&navType=type
  14. ridesblue

    crf50 set up for 6 year old

    what gearing would you suggest my son will be riding some track and he really like climbing hills out in the desert
  15. does any body know if the forks from a 2002 KTM 50 SX Pro Sr will bolt onto the crf 50 with the crf 50 clamps