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  1. Gauldo

    revalve or new?

    i really need some help here ive been looking to revalve my suspension or purchase some aftermarket ones. I cant find an actual price on a rebuild and the new shocks dont realy have a price either. any feed back would help.
  2. Gauldo

    Parting out?

    Is anyone parting an 03-05 wr/yz if so how much do you want fot the subframe.
  3. Any one know if a subframe from any 03 will fit onto an 02? Or if there is a way to make a 03 exhaust work on an 02. If you know any others please tell.
  4. Gauldo

    TI clutch

    anyone know if there is titanium clutches, pistions, connecting rods available?
  5. Gauldo

    Titanium clutch

    Anyone know if there is a titanium clutch made for these bikes? I was also thinking about a titanium connecting rod and piston. I have been searching for a while but had no luck. I have heard that titanium was not good for pistons and rods but my friend who races sprints says there great.
  6. Gauldo


    Nevermind Does any one just race with them?
  7. Gauldo


    Does any one race JR enduro with NETRA?
  8. Gauldo

    Whats all the hype?

    I'll say that they are good bikes but i still found it to be a little short. I think i was on an exc200 and it felt like it had the same or less power than my wr it felt a little heaver too. But i love the hydrolic clutch.
  9. Gauldo


    I called the DMV they told me to look harder.
  10. I know that i dont own a ktm nad have only been on one once and I didnt find it all that different from any other bike i have been on. When I go to my races about 90% of the bikes are ktms. So what is so good about them?
  11. Gauldo

    Cold Weather Starting

    I find that it works to give it 2 twists with the choke off kick it over do it again, then put the choke on with no twists and it should start right up. I tried that the other day when my bike had been sitting in 20 degree weather for several days with no problems.
  12. Gauldo


    Does any one know if the wr needs a dual sport kit toi be registered? I have herd that the ktms do not but i wasnt shure about the WRs.
  13. Gauldo

    02 wr250f jetting?

    Thanks i will try that.
  14. my bike just seems rather sluggish untill i hit the powerband. The low end is okay but the mid is teriable ( along with my spelling). i have a stock timing 03 yz cams, k&n filter, pro moto billet baffle, yz spec throttle stop. I havent touched the jets for fear os scrweing them up. Thanks
  15. Gauldo

    Q-2 any good

    Is any one running toe q-2? if so is it any good? How much power do you loose?