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  1. It is in the classifieds with the link below. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=50231&cat=2
  2. I have a 04 TC 450 that I need to have the susp. revalved on. I ride woods 85% of the time and was curious who you guys would suggest. I have done alot myself on the other big 4 bikes but don't really feel like messing with this one. I have only ridden it twice and the first time was bearable, the second time which was this past weekend i run a hare scramble and it wasn't much fun. I had put on new tires for the race and it felt like the front end was not working at all. I lost all confidence in the bike about 5 miles into the first lap. I have got to get it fixed. Let me know who you would recommend. Thanks.
  3. I got my bike figured out, it is back to normal and fine. No bent valve! It was stuck from the corrosion, i used some PB penetrating oil with the exhaust off while bumping the start button. I done this for about 45 min or better and all of a sudden it was back up to normal height. I put everything back together, and it fired right up. I had talked to George at Uptite and he assured me that it wasn't a big deal and everything would be ok once it was freed up. He said it is a common thing in Cali. area and that sometimes it happens almost overnight from the fog they get out that way. He said it is mainly the 04's that have this issue. I will make it a point to run it for a while after getting it wet by any means.
  4. I went to start my TC 450 tonight after it sitting for approx. 6 weeks and had nothing. When i hit the button it sounded like dookey, no compression or even trying to hit a lick. I put my hand over the pipe and it could suck a rag into it it was pulling as much air in as it was pushing out. Immediately i said OH $*#%! Now my bike only has 15 hours on it max, 12 of them were put on it at a fall ride the end of October, first ride on it and last so far. I didn't ride it the first year i had it except a couple hours to break it in. The decomp. lever would not do anything so i thought it might be the culprit. I went ahead and pulled the valve cover and the left exhaust valve was missing the shim and the valve is down about 1/8 inch or so, i just dropped the tools and shook my head. I found the shim between the valve and the front of the head below the rocker, luckily it didn't go to the left. I went ahead and pulled the cams out of it getting it ready to yank the head and see what happened. I do not hear any valve to piston clanking so hopefully it is valve issues only. I don't have a clue on what would have happened for the valve to get bent, i hope it is only stuck and can be removed and cleaned and be ok. What are your guys suggestions on the fix, replace with stocker, stainless set, titanium set, bigger 05 set, etc. If it is possible to put an 05 set in who would you recommend for me to send the head to for it to be cut since the 05are bigger. Thanks ahead of time for the info.
  5. I guess i should have mentioned but i am in Nash, Tn. and the areas we ride/race are TN,KY,AL,GA,IL. Mostly here within a hr or 2 away.
  6. Who do you guys suggest on sending the suspension to to get it revalved and setup for the woods. I finally rode my 04 TC-450 this past weekend (for the first time in a year) and all i done was back the clickers out and added some rebound and it was ok. I know it can get way better. I have always done my own revalving and modding on all of my bikes in the past but they were one of the big 4 companies so getting shims and specs weren't a problem. I don't know much about the Sachs internals or i would do it myself but don't want to mess with it or worry about any special tools that i wouldn't have. I will be riding hare scrambles, woods, etc. about 80% of the time and the other 20% will be moto. The stock setup with the comp. out and rebound added was better than i thought. Let me know who you guys suggest, i need to get it done in the next few weeks before i get drilled about going to a race with the buds. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone happen to have a lower triple clamp for an 04 TE-450? Or would anyone have a spare top clamp for an 04 TC-450? Are the TE and the TC triple clamps the same for this year or are they different in anyway? What is the difference if any? I was told that the TE clamps are different than the TC by 2mm. Is this correct?
  8. Scotts is only making a bolt on post for the 06-current bikes. The 05's and back are still weld on. I called them a couple of days ago asking again and that is what i was informed and that the 06 will not work on the 04 or 05. I didn't know there was a change in the frame then again i haven't read up on the 06's or been anywhere to look at one.
  9. Thanks motorthings, How long did it take you to get it from aussie. Are you using the PTE clamp or another brand.
  10. I called PTE today and he told me that someone from TT makes a bolt on post for the Scotts damper for my 04 TC-450. I am not up on the weld on ones that Scotts offers. He said he think he is in Australia but wasn't sure, do any of you guys know who he is talking about or can you tell me who to talk to so i can get one. I need one asap for a ride coming up in a few weeks. I am wanting to order a Scotts but not unless i can find a bolt on post. If not then i guess i will be going the GPR route.
  11. Drwrench

    06 sm450r and sm510r ?'s

    Who has some leftovers in stock, i am looking to buy a 510 within the next 4 weeks.
  12. Drwrench

    New plastic

    Does the tank not have to be changed for the 05 plastic. I would like to do the same but i just put an IMS big tank on my TC last week. I don't want to buy another tank.
  13. Drwrench

    2004 TC450 Air Filter

    I haven't tried to cross reference it to anything else but your local dealer can order one from Tucker Rocky or Parts Unlimited. There are 2-3 manufacturers that offer them, i just got one that i had order and it is a Twin Air, i think, i will have to look. I will be at the shop tomorrow, i can give you some part numbers if needed from both suppliers.
  14. What do you guys recommend as far as fluids in the TC or TE models. I have an 04 TC-450 and wondering what everyone else is using with good results. This bike will be primarily a woods bike but occasionally mx'd. I only have about 45 min time on my bike so i haven't changed the oil yet. What are your guys' input on the following: 1) Engine oil? 2) Antifreeze? Anyone using Engine ice or Liquid Perf.? 3) Fork oil?.......brand, weight and level? 4) Shock oil? 5) Air filter oil? I have always been a 2 smoker and this is the first thumper for me. I primarily use Motul premix and tranny oil and Silkolene susp. fluid when i would do seals or revalving.
  15. I have an 04 TC 450 that i bought from Fletcher last year but i have yet to put any time on it. I am seting it up for the woods and to run a few mid south winter races. I use to race that alot but got burnt out and quit for a few years and now i want to run some more. I will be at the SWR ride at Lorettas next month and if you are there you are welcome to see what you think about it. All my buddies that have ridden in for a short bit say it is very strong and fast. I'm not real sure since i haven't had it in the woods yet. We were riding it at my buddies place that has a little moto-x track for the kids and they were really surpised how stong it was. I will be able to tell you more about the ride, power, hit, suspension, etc. either before then after a day of riding or after Lorettas when i put some real miles on it.