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  1. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    Mightymoe, informative reply but I found myself lost in some of your period-less sentences....haha. Anyways, for all who care I just got my yz125 forks in and found a small difference in length (than the 230) after all. That makes the job easier I guess...But they're in pretty bad shape so I am also waiting for the 01 cr125 forks I snagged at $40 from ebay to come in before I make an executive decision on which set to keep. I would like to keep it honda but find the voyage into the unknown interesting... I promise that any work I ultimately do will be meticulously documented for all on TT to use.
  2. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    Seriously, where do people find out this stuff? Does anyone know where to find part numbers online so I don't have to spend 4 hours at the honda dealer pissing off one of the mechanics? I would say wolfgang, why not try? If you can spend the money on 85 forks, why not bulk it up with some REAL forks. Haha, I know there's tons of geometry problems, but it's fun (at least for me) to figure that stuff out. If that's not your bag baby, then go to reger and bolt it on. Done and done.
  3. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    Ah, I see now. Thanks a lot. I think that might be easier and cheaper than buying another stem. Genius, I tell you, genius.
  4. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    Well, I just got a pair of 2001 yz 125 forks and clamps off of ebay today. $99.99, sucka! The best deal I've seen so far, but I guess we'll see.... Anyways, the plan will be to wait until they're physically here and take measurements to see exactly what has to be done/modified for the fit to happen. I figured that if they weren't going to work, I'd just re-sell them. I still have a few cr forks waiting to finish and I still might just pay a little extra for them. Until then I'll just plan for putting in the yz. I have a random question though. Why exactly won't the 230 stem work? Will it not press into the cr's bottom clamp? Is there something else I'm missing? I thought maybe it was because people didn't want the clamps to be closer to each other (and therefore sitting differently on the fork tubes) but since you have to shorten the xr500 stem anyways, why not just use the 230 stem? I must be missing something because I'm sure anyone else would consider that obvious... Thanks.
  5. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    What I took away from it was that if you use a late model cr stem, it would fit better, possibly taking away the necessity for machining. But since most triple clamps come with a stem, you might as well just save time and have it machined. I could be wrong though.
  6. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    I know what you mean ebeck. I don't want the bike to be unbalanced and will make sure to adjust that. I heard that the works shock can be ordered longer than stock at no charge anyways. Plus I planned on shortening the forks. Yeah, it's nice to make the bike a bit taller, but not too tall where is just makes it look disproportional. To be completely honest with you, I haven't really addressed the rear shock yet, but once I start getting parts in, I can just run with it. It's getting warmer but I can hold off until everything is done. I think I'm going with any forks I can find and make it work. I'll try to put something together to make a sort of picture diary of it so that people like me won't have to ask any more questions. Any more random advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  7. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    Thanks ebeck. I just had to have my thoughts verified. I'm no stanger to a lathe or any kind of machine work so that doesn't bother me at all. It's just more of a cost issue. I'm a college student out of a job...but that sometimes doesn't deter me from spending some cash on the one thing I love to do, right? Buying $400 worth of stuff that I find doesn't work is kinda rough on the wallet. I planned on getting a cr wheel (or to match whatever forks I get), even though I hear a spacer needed to be machined also. Not a big problem. Quick question though, if I were to get non-honda forks, would the stem still be able to be pressed into the other triple clamps? I know the reason for the XR stem is that the races and bearings are the same, sweet! Also, I don't have experimence with the guts of a fork so when you shorten the tubes, do you "cut" from the bottom or from the end inside the tube? P.S. I was looking at the front brake mount for the rm125 forks and they look like (keep in mind, just look like) they are similar to the cr125 which means the stock brake caliper would work? Just a thought. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    I appreciate the advice about the XR type, but was really pushing for the inverted forks. About the 150 though...kinda useless, but thanks anyways! It's just so much easier to find rm and kx forks on ebay (plus they're cheaper) so I thought maybe if it was on par with the work required for the cr125 or cr250 forks, it would be worth it. Maybe I was wrong...
  9. Soldier Josh

    CRF 230 Fork Swap Questions

    I've been reading up on doing the fork swap on my 230, but have been having trouble finding cr 125 or 250 forks. I promise I wouldn't have posted this thread without searching first, but I can't seem to find if other kinds of forks/triple clamps will work. I thought I heard about people putting km, yz, or crf250x forks on their bikes (with a little machining of course). I guess my questions is, does anyone know from experience if the other "brand" forks will work? Or maybe will the forks fit into other triple clamps? Or to just shut me up, is there any website that can give detailed sections or dimensions of these parts so that I can put the information all together by myself? It sounds like ebeck would know............
  10. When I rejetted, I put everything that came with the kit in. This includes the needle jet. Before I put it in, I compared the two and the new one is quite larger. That's probably due to the fact that the new needle is a bit thicker (but tapers more than stock). I had to mess around for a while to get the fuel screw just right (Still pops on decel, rarely) If I had to do it all over again, I would just keep the stock needle in...but I threw it away, oops.
  11. Soldier Josh

    Chain Question

    I'm due to get another chain for my 230 and had a question. Are the chains model specific? I mean, I'm looking on ebay and it seems like the chains for atvs/street bikes would fit as long as they are a 520 and have at least 112 (or whatever is stock) links. These chains are pretty cheap relative to my honda dealer, so will these chains work? Are there more specifications that I'm missing?
  12. Soldier Josh

    Red Rock to Hungry Valley

    Well, my dad and I started from the staging area in Moonrocks and rode all the way onto redrock road. The difference though, is that we ended up on the northwest side of redrock (the other entrance from the freeway). Once we were at the far west side of the valley (I guess that would be hungary valley) we landed on a road which we took down to red rock. I guess a better way to describe it is from 395 N (past cold springs), turn right onto red rock. When you enter that valley, you basically head left (north) on a few dirt roads and there you are. Sorry, but I can't help you with the stead/redrock entrance. I'm sure there has to be a way though.
  13. Soldier Josh

    Coming from Reno. Apex ok?

    Hey guys. I searched for places to ride in Vegas and pretty much came up with the same results. My dad and I are coming down for the NHRA races in a few weeks and I was wondering which would be the best place to waste 4-5 hours? As I understad it, Apex is just past the Speedway off of the highway but I keep reading that it is way too crowded. I'm used to the empty Reno trails... Anways, my dad is relatively new and likes to take it easy so intermediate tight/flat trails are perfect. But, I don't mind giving him a run for his money. We don't want to drive over an hour out of town so I figured that would be the place to go. Ok, I'm rambling now, any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Soldier Josh

    14 tooth sproket with stock chain?

    I just put a jt 14 front sprocket and not only did i have to shave the chain guide, but the chain also rubbed against the sprocket cover. Does this happen to everyone? I have to basically cut off the curved part of the cover so it doesn't rub the chain which, by the way, is a real pain in the ass.
  15. Soldier Josh

    230 white plastics

    Sweet, thanks. I guess I will have to go with Maier. I'll work extra long this week to pay for it... Tapoutgrapler, Did you go with white also? If so, I would def. like to see those pics.