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  1. Thanks, I pick up my new 05 on thursday, can't wait!! ben
  2. Thanks, with two toddlers at home, I don't want to spend a whole lot of time wrenching. ben
  3. Hey quick ? How often do you check them? How many miles per oil? thanks ben
  4. thanks, it looks like a real cool ride, that would fit my needs well. What are the oil change intervals? Valve checks? ben
  5. Hello, I'm a noob and need some info. I'd like this bike for commuting 20 miles to work and days off explore/play. Other choices were/are XR650L and KTM's 640 Adventure. I can get this bike for less than the KTM and a little more than the Honda. Questions: Do you think someone will make a bigger tank for it? What are the service intervals? I don't live near a dealer, will I have a hard time finding someone to wrench on it, if I get stuck?(I'm stupid) Any other help would be cool. thanks ben
  6. thanks for the thoughts. Choices, choices:)
  7. Hello, I am thinking about getting a 640 Adventure. Everywhere I read people comment on how uncomfortable it is on the road. What makes it bad? Engine vibes? Tires? Gearing? Wind protection? Combo of everything? I have a Buell XB9 right now and all the reviews online say what a paint shaker it is, but I don't think it's bad at all. I used to have a KLR650, how does the 640 compare? My problem is that once a week I will have to super slab it around 70 miles, will I start to give it the middle finger after awhile? thanks for any input PS my other choice is BMW's f650 Dakar. Around the same price, better on street. The KTM just seems so bad ass. ben