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  1. Mefo offers a DS 120/90. I think that would fit pretty good on the front.
  2. ken, Can you verify which front tire you have? If you have a picture, that would be great. This bike still has the stock tires on it. The seller included a 5.10 and a 3.10 IRC GP-1. I just was not sure about stretching that 3.10 on the front wheel. The bike also came with Kouba links installed, which lowered the rear 1.75, bars risers to allow the forks to slide up the tripple trees, and a custom lowered seat from Rich's in Seattle. So; my thought was to replace kouba links with a set that would match the increased height in the front. The simple solution would be; find a dual sport 17" 70/30 tire that is safe. BTW; this thing sure is fun to ride. Im kinda of wanting one for myself.
  3. Scotland, Those may solve my dilemma. Who did you buy them from? I see a few websites that sell them, but none I’m familiar with.
  4. I recently purchase a used SM for my wife; mainly because of the low seat height. She will be riding some dirt roads. The bike came with a set of IRC dual sport tires, but the 3.10 front tire appears to narrow for the SM wheel. I’m considering having the front hub re-laced with a 19” wheel. This will definitely open up the tire options. Has anyone mounted the 3.10 tire on the front or run the 19" front?
  5. I purchased a bike from a guy in the Millitary. He said he bought the bike new from a state that does not offer titles on dirt bikes. I forget what state it was. I took all this info to the DOL before I made the deal. They confirmed the information. The DOL told be to bring a pencil rubbing on paper of the vin# on the steering stem, and bill of sale. No inspection required. I bought this bike 2 years ago. still have it today. 2003 KX 250. very low hours, still had oem tires and sprokets. $ 1300.00
  6. last week I started riding my mountain bike 5 miles a day, no coasting. Could I continue with that by increasing the distance? I would have to purchase a stationary bike. Thanks.
  7. Dr. Mark MRI results. Impressions: 1. fairly significant bone bruise involving the posterior lateral femoral condyle with assoiated fairly severe partial tear of the distal posterior cruciate ligament and extensive partial tear of the medial collateral ligament. 2. Some apparent intrasubstance degenertive signal change in the posterior horn of medial meniscus with possibly even intrasubstance tear but doubt this would correspond to an arthroscopically visible tear. What does this mean? There is more to the report. Just wanted to keep it short. Sounds bad.
  8. That's correct. I forgot to mention why the 360 gear box. (5 speed) I also had a Kawasaki H2 750 at the same time. Another poor handling bike. But very fast. I did'nt have the self control to ride a bike on the road and was tossed in the Puyallup jail for doing wheelies thru town. My dad made me sell it. I still don't ride on the road. I wish I had pictures to share. I need to dig thru my parents pictures. Anyone remember Puyallup Raceway?
  9. I purchased a 1974 SC 500 from NorthWest Yamaha in 1977. They used it for flat track at Graham Speedway. They took a Yamaha 360 enduro transmission and installed the 500 crank and top end and bolted back in the 500 frame. Very scary ride. When the top end was not seized. I used recap knobbie tires from Morries in Fife. My dad would complain about the rut in the walk way along the house. My freinds called it the ditch witch. He was like Red on that 70's show, like most dads back then.
  10. Thank's, I guess plan "B". Taneum tommarow.
  11. Has anyone checked it out lately??? Any loops snow free yet?
  12. 3 of us stayed at Letts lake last Thur. thru Sun. No issues with riding our bikes in and out of camp. No camp host. Maybe when they have a host it's an issue. You do need to be plated to ride out of camp to the trails. They are charging $12.50 a night for camping at Letts lake and no potable water. We are from Washington state and had a great time checking out your trail system last week. Most of the snow is off the trails or has been busted thru. The upper end of the 04 trail had some snow. Mike.
  13. Myself and 2 others are driving from Wa. State on the 14th, returning on the 18th to check out Stonyford. We have maps and gps units. A tour Guide would be great. Anyone? We are in our late fortys and still ride like we are 16... well maybe not that stupid. Mike.
  14. Good too know... Thanks.
  15. Does anyone know where that trail goes that runs along Crab Creek across from Beverly dunes? You can see it below from the towers. We rode it for a ways last Saturday but got tired of riding in loose sand. Would be ok if the sand was wet. Mike.