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  1. athlete

    Before the Gate drops...videos?

    see start line dancing!
  2. athlete

    start line dancing

    he got the hole shot last week so it must be working
  3. athlete

    start line dancing

    he just got outta bed 2 read your reply he wants 2 b a u tube sensation
  4. my son is number 12 he got all his sweet moves from him mum
  5. athlete


    did any 1 go?
  6. athlete

    Do I need lessons?

    contact me 4 all fings moto in scotland ..... aye???
  7. athlete

    Bubba and Reed in the mud

    didnt fink it was aloud for any 1 else to pick your bike up 4 u in a race???
  8. i wonder if the alessi boys have ever enjoyed a race in their lives seems to me they do it coz they know nothing else
  9. athlete

    dislocation advice plz

    i'm going through a mass of info and it don't help that i'm squeamish but it is helping so ta much
  10. athlete

    dislocation advice plz

    my 13 year old son was riding last weekend he came off his bike hard and hurt himself he then got back on and rode another 5 laps he was in pain when he decided it was best he went to hospital ( i was not with him @ the time) the doc checked xrays and put him to sleep pushed his shoulder back in place kept him in over night since then he has been in constant pain been back @ the hospital doc says he will check him again on monday............. so i made an appointment with a physio who may give my son lazer treatment i was wondering is this a good idea @ his age? will the pain subside slightly? i'm just a worried mum who will read all the advice given oh and he will want to know how long before he can ride again 2?
  11. athlete

    i had a blast!!!

    this weekend i stayed at my friends who have 3 tracks right by their house the best thing was they also have land goes for miles and thats where i had a blast just started up and pinned it it made a nice change from the track to go flat out and then some then i wondered how many get a chance to do that ? if u do get the chance grab it it's the best fun
  12. athlete


    sooooooooooo......... is rc fit for me to watch or not ? i'm getting conflicting reports today how crap will that be if i don't get to see evert's v rc ????
  13. athlete

    kid's boots or stella's?

    thanks for everyones input i always wear knee pads also elbow pads too actually thinking of getting a mouth guard next time i'm at the dentist coz i wanna be as safe as i can be and couldn't give a hoot if i look stupid with all the advice you all gave me i'm gonna try on every type of boot i can that way i'll be sure i made the right choice
  14. athlete

    moving to england

    yes you should be able to buy some land no bother the problem might be the noise though if you look for shiplaw track in the borders through the web site i gave you that will have all the info you need for the type of offroading you like and please don't lump all countrys in britain as england it's very annoying
  15. athlete

    moving to england

    yes my local track is drumclog near straven it's got good jumps try the website scottishmotocross.com or let me know what area you want to know about and i'll try source a track close by