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  1. z400clone

    Looking at a DR350

    Man, you guys have been great! That is perfect! And as I had suspected, the bigger "donut" spacer does go on top on the clip. Good thing I left the carb lay on the bench! It might have been a slobbering fool with that much under the needle Makes sense that the CV carb would be on the road bike. But I sure love the FCR style carb.....
  2. z400clone

    Looking at a DR350

    Thanks for that link! I have been cleaning the carb today. While taking the needle out, I had some spacers jump out at me. I put them back in after inspecting and now I'm second guessing how I installed them. I did not see them while they were in place. So I was looking on that site. I went to the fuel and lub. section. It has an exploded view of A carb, but not the one I'm playing with. That microfiche is showing a flatslide carb with a pump shot mechanism for quick throttle response. This carb is not like that at all. This is the cheaper "CV" style of mukuni. Do I have the wrong carb? It says 95 dr350 on the bottom of the bowl.
  3. z400clone

    Looking at a DR350

    Thanks for the advice! We will take the bike directly to my house and I will take care of all the repairs before handing it back over to dad. I have a parts washer at my place so I will give the carb time to soak before any cleaning takes place. I think he is going to go ahead and buy a new key switch assy. from Suzuki. Dad has already priced one and is prepared to buy it. I'm not going to wait forever for one on ebay. This bike has an aftermarket clutch perch on it. I'm guessing there was a factory "black blob" on the clutch side that incorporated the high/low beams. Is there anything else going on over there that we are missing? If that's all we are missing, we will probably leave it as is.
  4. z400clone

    Looking at a DR350

    Well guys, we went and looked at the bike today. And I'm happy to say he is a proud owner of a DR350! It is a pretty sharp old bike! It needs 3 things that I saw.... the key ignition needs replaced (it seems odd yes, but we felt pretty confident it wasn't stolen), new clutch lever, and I need to go through the carb. It has been sitting awhile so it would only run on half choke. None of the three seemed like a big deal so he bought it. I assumed this was a dry sump engine once dirt said check it the proper way. It was overfilled so obviously someone didn't know how to check a dry sump engine. Clutch and shifting operation seemed flawless. Neutral was cake to find. I can't wait to tool around on it some once the weather gets better. Yes, it's dad's but I have to test it out for him!
  5. z400clone

    Looking at a DR350

    Dad is looking at a '94 DR350 with 4700 miles. I haven't seen it yet, but he has and says it looks pretty good. He wants to take me to look at it this weekend. I told him I'd do some homework on the 350's first. Besides the obvious, is there anything we should be looking at closely? Was there any major problems with these bikes? He currently has an '84 Honda XL250 and would like to upgrade to an electric start bike. Thanks!
  6. z400clone

    RMZ vs LTR motor... similarities?

    Thanks Moto!! Any more input?
  7. z400clone

    RMZ vs LTR motor... similarities?

    Hi fellas. I came here b/c this site has the most professional group of people that know what they are talking about. Read: no kiddies. I like it. I have recently purchased a Suzuki LTR450 quad. I know it is not identical to the RMZ motor, but I'm sure it shares many similarities. A couple that I know are not in common is all the EFI equipment and the ACCT. I wish ours had the MCCT, but that can be fixed If any of you have seen the quad or have the bike and the quad, I'd like to hear what differences or similarities you know of. What things will we quad owners need to watch for? What performance things can we do that will be the best for longevity and hp/dollar? Will we have the sump screen issue to worry about? I assume so.... Any other things we should watch for? Does anyone know if they advanced our exhaust cam like they did on the yfz quad to detune it. Any info greatly appreciated!
  8. Oh no, I am definately running race gas(110 octane) with the 14-1 piston. And I stated that a LTZ base should bring me back down to 14.2-1 with the stroker in place, so two thick base gaskets would put me in the 13.3-1 comp range... A little lower than I'd like. I could be off with my assumptions here. Please correct me if needed. I have a basically new DID chain in now. But I have many stretched out DID's so that won't be a problem.. I really like the looks of your work. My rod is getting more side play than I like, but I can't tear it down before the first of the year b/c of a Glamis trip coming up. I'll have to pay the extra coin later on.
  9. Wow, this is a sweet thread! Sorry, I'm a noob and I have some questions. But first I shall tell what I have...... '03 KFX 435 Nickel coated bore Duncan Mid-High Cams(Megacycles) Vortex Ignition 94mm 14-1 comp Hammerhedz piston 39mm FCR Ported Head with nice valve unshrouding PWR radiator ESR intake Yoshi TRS full TI Kibblewhite springs and valves The 14-1 comp is with a DRZe base gasket. I have done some figuring with a comp. calc and it shows that a 67.6mm stroke will take me up about a point to 15-1 comp. If I use the LTZ base, that would knock me down to about 14.2-1 in my book. Does this sound right? Are the 440 pistons(94.5mm) clearing the crank just fine with the extra stroke? So is this feasible for me to do? Am I thinking right here? cause I don't know much about strokers Is that price including our stock crank as a core? OR is that buying a stroker crank?