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  1. dustygillman

    Six year old broken collarbone

    My six year old broke his collarbone the other night mutton bustin of all things. Just wondering what the most common thing to do with this injury at this age?he's going to the Doctor today. cid:022DDB29-2822-4AFA-8446-B61B0262FC4B/_29C3022.jpg
  2. dustygillman

    Buy Tim Ferry's House!! Possible Dream Home??

    I would give my left and right one for that setup.
  3. dustygillman

    Spoiler Chad Reed

    I like how stewart grabbed reeds arm and pulled it down with him.Nobody has mentioned that.
  4. dustygillman

    Pics of Bubba's new Nikes!

    The red and white ones remind me of shoes that the clowns wear at the rodeo.
  5. dustygillman

    Moab regulation help

    If your going to Moab I would do caineville and Ten mile wash also.
  6. dustygillman

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah

    I think they have already voted.
  7. dustygillman

    Atention: New bike owners please read intial bike prep.

    How much time would it take for a rookie that has never done this before,and is pretty new to motorcycles?
  8. dustygillman

    Atention: New bike owners please read intial bike prep.

    Sounds like a great idea.Maybe you could make a video to show everything you are talking about that would be extremely helpful.
  9. dustygillman

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah!

    I did it.
  10. dustygillman

    post your worst MX injury

    So whats the picture and what happend?
  11. dustygillman

    Whats with the parents of the 50cc kids?

    My son is just getting into racing.He raced for the second time on saturday he is 5 years old.I had heard so much about MX being such a family sport but after saturday I dont know anymore.I was out on the track with the other parents encouraging my son and cheering him on but others were screaming and yelling at their kids.Pretty much degrading and belittleing their kids for going to slow.Is this a very common thing for anyone else?Who knows maybe Im the weird one.I want my son to have fun number one.If he wins or does well thats great.My friend who has been racing for years says it gets better the older the kids get.
  12. dustygillman

    Powder Mountain MX

    Anyone have any info on this event?The details are kind of vague right now.Heres a linkwww.powdermountain.com/mtn_motox.php.Sounds pretty cool.
  13. dustygillman

    Finally Stewart is just like everybody else!-SPOILER

    Both Reed and Stewart are a couple of cry babies.Nothing Chicken at all about Reeds move.He needed Stewart to finish farther back.The chicken move came in SLC with Stewarts team mate.That Douche larry brooks said he did'nt see a problem with it.Rubbins racing between two guys but when a team mate gets involved its chicken
  14. What is the point of this?