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  1. Been waiting for mine to show signs of leakage, but so far so good with 55 hours.
  2. Nice ride, I love mine! Where you at in Michigan? I'm in Ohio about 45 mins west of Toledo and have raced at Delta quite a bit. Do yourself a favor and check out www.logroadmx.com There is an open ride coming up on 9-18. VERY nice track, good people, fun times. I'll be on the '09 RMZ, #805.
  3. My 09 is the same way. Last winter I treated the fuel but didn't start it at all over the winter like i usually do. Dang thing refused to start. It bucked, kicked back and backfired like crazy but no start. I got as much of the old treated fuel out as i could, filled it with good clean fuel, let it set overnight. When I went out the next morning, fully expecting to fight some more with it, it fired up in three kicks just like it never had a problem. Good luck, that was my experience, hope you get it running.
  4. Motocross

    Glad you and your family had fun. We try to never miss it! Have to say though, between the heat and the mud, I've had more enjoyable days there. HaHa. Still great though, after all, it's motocross racin
  5. Welcome friend! Can't agree with you more. My RMZ has been nothing but good to me.
  6. You'll probably notice a difference in cornering, like it might take a little more effort to get it to lean. The type of dirt you ride will factor into it as well. Hardpack will treat the tire like pavement would a street tire, thus the increase in turning effort. More loamy dirt wouldn't impact it as much and you might find you like the wider tire better as it would have a bigger contact area. That is my totally unscientific, founded in nothing opinion!
  7. Couldnt get your link to work. What is it?
  8. Same on my 09. Just a couple wraps around the plug wire and works like a charm.
  9. One Industries pants seem to run a little small for me. Plus they ride lower than others. Never tried them, but from what I've read, MSR gear is pretty accurate, maybe run just a little big for comfort.
  10. Came stock on my RMZ, really like them. I put 40 hours on them, about 50/50 hardpack and soft to intermediate track time. Replacing the rear just so it's fresh this spring, the front if still fine. They hook up very well in just about anything, feel stable and predictable. Good choice IMO.
  11. I was going to check out the RSV as well. Also a phenomenal bike. Thanks for the input. The dealer also had a used Duc streetfighter.
  12. At this moment I am in a near obsession with the Ducati 848. Going to look at one at a dealership tomorrow just to sit on the thing. Anybody else feeling my pain?
  13. My 09 has 45 hours on it, and they have been trouble free. If you search on here you will find that is pretty much the case. Some seem to have gotten a lemon, but I'm very happy with mine.