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  1. Very good thread. Quite entertaining. Did you shoot any video of the trip?
  2. dbdb

    U.P Points of interest

    It's just outside of Ishpeming on US 41, look for the big rifle in the back of a truck. Here is the link http://www.dayoopers.com/
  3. dbdb

    New 'L'

    Welcome, I agree about bikes and women.
  4. dbdb

    XR650L Front wheel removal?

    Thank you, I see that now. Duhhh how could I miss it Well I hope that helps somebody else who does a search to remove their front wheel. 4(10mm) nuts for the clamp, 2(12mm) bolts for the brake, phillips screw for speedo cable and 17mm axle. Again thank you and I'm glad some one else has time to surf.
  5. Is this front wheel(axle) threaded into the fork or is it just pushed into the cast piece on the fork and just has to be popped out. What looked like an ez removal has me stumped and with out a manual, on back order, I thought I would ask here. I wrench on alot of stuff for a living and know when to ask the pros from dover before I break it.
  6. dbdb

    03 XR650L, just got it.

    The bike still has the stock tires on and I found out they do suck in sand. If I were to do sand only I'd get a paddle tire for the rear like they run at Silver Lake dunes but I think at least for now I'll probably do 80% street riding and two tracks for off road until I get comfortable with it. Been checking out the forums for opinions on tires for this kind of riding.
  7. After 2 years of trying to get one(long story) , I did. 2003 XR650L with only 1800 street miles on it. Pure stock. Going to do the uncorking to get it to run smoother.Ordered the smog kit and re-jet kit. Looking forward to riding to work and the trails of West Michigan.