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  1. kawasaki68rider

    We Need New Mx Video Game!!!

    have u played mtx mototrax? it pretty much had everything you wanted. u start out as a low level 125 and teams and gear companies sponsor you as you progress. coming off mx vs atv, the handling and the physics will be weird and are somewhat unrealistic, but i think overall the game is more fun to play. and the fmx events are based off of real places and the freestyle is much better than mx vs atv. and they have a freeride thing where you go around a big open place that has natural terrain jumps and stuff and you go and find goals to do like tony hawk style games. its a very fun game
  2. kawasaki68rider

    new race video

    huh i thought the song went great with it but i guess every one has their own opinion i guess
  3. kawasaki68rider

    new race video

    ya i dont exactly have a high qaulity camera i think that it only has 20 frams per second so wen i put it in slow motion it gets choppy.
  4. kawasaki68rider

    new race video

    here is a little video put together after the race today. i didnt race becuase funds didnt permit but i came along with my brother and my freind and his dad to sweep the start and watnot for them. sorry, but sometimes the music is a little off becuase my computer is running really slow and our video editing software demands a lot of horse power so it was kinda glitching. well tell me wat u think thanks http://media.putfile.com/vet-x
  5. kawasaki68rider

    washing ritual

    no it eats the grease wich keeps the chain from rusting so wen u go over a puddle or somethign and water gets on ur chain it rusts. i just use some penetrating chain lube
  6. kawasaki68rider

    washing ritual

    i dont think ur supposed to use wd 40 on the chain cuz it east the gerase and then when it gets wet it rusts
  7. kawasaki68rider

    washing ritual

    hey i was wondering what you guys/girls to everytime to wash and clean your bike. for me, i start by spraying with the hose to get loose dirt off and to moisten the hard mud and stuff(not pressure washer just a regular hose with a little higher pressure attachment) then i get a bucket and put some dawn soap in it and i wash my plastics jut scrubbing with towels and stuff, then get a brush to clean the chain, then i spray the frame, motor, and swingarm(or wherever else there is tuff dirt or boot rub marks) with simplegreen and then i use a scotchbrite pad to scrub with(gets black boot rub off the frame instantly) then i spray it down again redo any thing that looks still dirty and then dry it off, lube the chain, clean the air filter, and then start it up in that order. it is ok so start ur motor after u washed it as long as the air filter is clean and not wet. i also spray some stuff called 2001(kind of like armor all)on my plastics to bring out a nice shine. then i spray a light coat of wd-40 on the motor(makes a thin waxy barrier so when u wash it dirt comes off really easy) and then i let the air out of the forks(after putting it on the stand) and yes i have an exhaust plug so water doesnt get in the motor and if u dont i recommend getting one imediatley so what do u guys do to get ur bike pretty. list all ur little tricks and tips so everyone can have a beautiful bike
  8. kawasaki68rider

    washing ritual

    delete duoble post
  9. kawasaki68rider

    decal works numbers

    i had decal works on my old bike and on my 06 and they havent really peeled besides the front # plate where it curves and soem dirt got underneath but i seeled it with some super glue
  10. kawasaki68rider

    riding buddies

    this doesnt seem to be a problem for me i guess im lucky. all my friends ride and one of them goes 4 times a week and he can sometimes take me so i guess u need to find some friends that ride. and its no fun when ur sitting at ur truck by urself bench racing is half the fun haha
  11. kawasaki68rider

    my bike

    i got mine for 4500 but on cycletrader they were going for more
  12. kawasaki68rider

    my bike

    just got it yesterday. i tried to find a new one but it seemed all the dealers were out of them. this one's used but not much and its basically stock except for a quickshot and an icat ignition thing. now i juts need to get get some backgrounds for it.
  13. kawasaki68rider

    header is smoking

    i just got my 250f and when i start it up like 10 seconds after the header starts to smoke is this normal? is there somthing wrong?
  14. kawasaki68rider

    mistake or no??

    thats why you dont buy a used bike unless you know what it has been through. and the 04 already had problems to begin with so that s a bad mix.
  15. kawasaki68rider

    5600 otd a good price

    i was just wondering if it was a good price for an 06. i went to my dealer and the tag said 5899. i was thinking of possibly getting it down to 5600. would that be a good price. he said he was willing to deal on kawasaki's because they werent selling like the honda's and yamaha's. should i possibly try to get lower? or is that to much to ask for? k thanks