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  1. cycletech

    Does anyone have a Corbin seat?

    I have one on my SM. It's much better than stock, and I can do about 100 miles before I start to fidget on the seat. I think the width is what helps the most for me. If I had to pay retail for it I don't know that it's worth the price. I paid $100 for mine used.
  2. cycletech

    With Headlight removed 400E won't run

    I'm thinking a bad ground somewhere. I'll go through, check it all, and report what I find.
  3. cycletech

    do i need different rings?

    2500 miles the rings should be fine. Don't know that I can help with the FCR. What did it come off of?
  4. cycletech

    do i need different rings?

    No, but if they have a lot of miles on them then go ahead and put fresh ones in. Are you doing the base gasket with other mods? I don't think that in itself gives you much.
  5. Well, the title sums it up. With the headlight removed from my 01 DRZ400E the bike won't stay running. Starts fine, but dies as soon as I take my finger off the start button. With the headlight hooked up it runs great. So I don't think this is normal, and I wanted to run the trails without the light. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. cycletech

    Got my mystery FCR today pics

    Please invest in some tools before going any further. Those slip-joint pliers don't belong near your carb. I would find out what you need to do to get the carb to fit before buying jets. But without the correct intake rubber all you can do is kind of hold it in place where you think it will sit. If the tower hits the frame and you can't grind it down to fit then move on and buy the correct carb.
  7. cycletech

    Looking for rack

    You can order it through Robinsons Foundry. I ordered one and had it in about 2 weeks. http://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/
  8. cycletech

    Not another water pump thread

    Thanks for the replies. Ordered the complete pump from Thumpertalk store.
  9. cycletech

    Not another water pump thread

    The water pump on my 01E was leaking. Tore it down to find the shaft pretty well worn where the seal rides so i am going to skip the RTV fix and go right to replacing parts. Should i get the complete water pump assembly or just the shaft and the seals? Is the new (09) pump any better? Don't mind the extra $40 for the complete pump if it means i can just forget about it. Also, does the cover need to be heated and the pump pressed out?
  10. cycletech

    DRZ'ers, Let's see your track bikes

    Me Back in the day at Slippery Point:smirk: And now, teaching people how to not get hurt and still have fun.
  11. cycletech

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Teach motorcycle safety to the U.S. Army. Get to travel a lot, rode a rented BMW in europe for 3 weeks, all on the job. Get paid to ride:thumbsup:
  12. cycletech

    Do you like music while riding?

    Nice Set-up! I run a Garmin Zumo with MP3's loaded and an XM antenna too:thumbsup: Just have a cheap set of ear buds from Target that work well. They take a lot of abuse taking the helmet of and on all the time so i didn't invest a lot of money in them. When i use the GPS for directions it pauses the music for the voice prompts then right back to the tunes. Had my cell phone paired with the Zumo for a while, but talking on the cell and riding is not for me.
  13. cycletech

    heated stuff makes for a nice ride this morning

    Is the draw on the stator OK with all that? I run a heated vest an worry its too much. What wattage is the Stator on the S/SM?
  14. cycletech

    Ebay Cams

    Right, I was using "S" generically for that motor.
  15. cycletech

    Ebay Cams

    Am i right in thinking DE are the stamps for the "S" cams?