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  1. Big Tim

    Tib/Fib still hurts? W/ X-Ray

    It's interesting that you ask that DrMark... When standing my right leg is 15-20 deg out and my left is 45 When walking it is 30-45 and my right is straight to maybe a little pointed out. The bad thing is that when I ride I find that my left foot migrates from the ball of my boot and toes pointed in when I'm thinking about it to being against my heel and my toe pointing out trying to grab EVERYTHING. That is how I broke it but my foot didn't naturally point out when I broke it. Thanks for the reply Dr. I'm wondering if I can see if you would be covered with my insurance and have you order X-Rays. I'm in Sacramento and would need to save some sick leave and plan for whatever the fix is but I'm 35 and if there is a good chance I can get this fixed I would like to not have to live with it for the rest of my life. If it's the best I have than I'll deal with it. And for the record... That X-Ray was a little more than 3 months after Surgery.
  2. Big Tim

    Tib/Fib with Xrays

    Hope it heals up good for you. It looks good to me. But, I don't know what I'm talking about. Only comparing it to mine where the bones don't seem to be lined up.
  3. 5 years ago I broke my Tib/Fib and had a rod put in. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and I didn’t get the surgery for about 7 days after breaking it. ***Sniveler Alert*** It still hurts all the time. It hurts to run, jump, etc. I get pretty crazy deep bone pains that radiate down to my foot and up through my knee. I went on a long (200+ mile) adventure type ride last weekend and it is what hurts the most at the end of the day. Here is a pic of my leg about four months after the surgery. Honestly it has never looked good to me and even four months after when it looked like this the Dr. said, “ya, it looks good”. Maybe it’s because I’m a machinist but it seems reasonable to me that the bones should at least be in line with each other and not have sharp edges pointing out. A couple years after the rod was put in the Dr. suggested I get the screws pulled because he thought my pains would go away. They actually got a little worse. Any opinions?
  4. Big Tim

    tib/fib fracture

    WOW!!! I didn’t realize so many people were still getting plates and even not getting any hardware with Tib/Fib fractures. 3 years ago I tried to twist my foot off and broke my tibula about an inch from the bottom and my fibula in three pieces. I got a rod put in a week later (the week until surgery was by far the worst week of my life). I was back to work on my feet all day within a couple weeks and my Dr. reluctantly gave me the green light to do anything I could comfortably do after about 6-7 weeks. I was riding street bikes at about 3-4 weeks and I think I went on a long trail ride around 7-8 weeks. I had a lot of pain when trying to upshift but was fine on landings, g outs etc. Like Dr. Mark said… When it is healed it’s healed. The real question is about your leg strength after being in that cast for so long. I wasn’t ever in a cast and the real recovery was getting the strength back. I spent a lot of time on the bicycle and in the pool. The pool was great for trying to stand on my toes. Good luck!
  5. Big Tim

    Lower leg trauma & fib fracture

    The Doc could probably give you a much better explanation but I could only imagine that if your bike landed hard enough to break your Fibula that I would have inflamed and even tore some other tissue. I have two injuries that I think about when reading your post. I had a hair line fracture on the upper part of my femur from landing on a pretty big rock dead on the upper part of my leg. The bone pain was NOTHING compared to the tissue damage that accrued. There aren’t a lot of tendons or ligaments in the area that happen so the recovery ended up being pretty good. It just took a long time. Then about three years ago I broke my tib/fib after I spun my foot about 180 degrees from where it should be. I had a rod put in the Tibula and I was walking pretty quickly after surgery. I was back to 70% pretty quick with a decent amount of pain but it never really healed back to 90+%. I still have a lot of tendon pain when I try to run or when I am on my feet a lot. I have been told that is because my leg was twisted up so bad, but the other injuries I have received that involved tendons never really healed back to 100%. I partially tore my ACL and MCL and that healed up to be pretty decent and pain free without the same daily pain I deal with when I hurt my tendons. I am sure Dr. Mark will shoot holes in everything I said, but I would want to get it looked at more close. Good luck! On a good note I know a few people who only broke their Fib and they say after a couple months that feel like nothing ever happen.
  6. Big Tim

    Dr Mark Please look at these Xrays Thanks!

    I was a little off on my three weeks. Here is the link to my origanal post. I forgot how bad I had it for the week before I could get it fixed. All in all I healed pretty fast and I give much of the credit to getting back in action, or at least moving fast. I could have gotten back on the bike sooner then I did, but my very pregnant wife was hoping I would stay off it for awhile. I think it was a few months before I got back on the bike. My FRX was a pretty ugly spiril. FYI the pool was a huge help for me and the fitter board was as well. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=514602
  7. Big Tim

    Dr Mark Please look at these Xrays Thanks!

    How does it feel now? I am going on two and a half years. I got the screws out, but now I am thinking about getting the rod out. After three weeks I was walking without a cane, and back to work on my feet probably 6 hours a day. It was sore as hell after a day of work, but I was feeling pretty positive. It wasnt until about a year later when I was trying to jog that it really started to bother me.
  8. Big Tim

    What job should I have? Whats your job?

    Thanks for the nice compliment. I just got excited to see a kid actually show interest in their future. I didnt feel like anything was hijacked. I agree with everything you said. I have made a good living working in the industries that I choose as my "hobby". Its almost like pissing in your sandbox.
  9. Big Tim

    What job should I have? Whats your job?

    I dont remember if I said go to school. If I missed it... Go to school while you are figuring out what to do. Work while you are going to school and learn from everything you do. And, ask yourself what you are doing to better the company you are working for. Whatever you do, bust your ass at it. We have too many Americans that are ok with filling space. Those are the people who hate their jobs. And, to think about it... I hate everything I suck at.
  10. Big Tim

    Concussion and Motor Skills

    After a bunch of years playing football, racing downhill Mt. Bikes back when “sissies” wore real moto helmets, and a huge get off in a shifter kart I am embarrassed to say that I have been unconscious eight times. I am way too embarrassed or brain dead to try to count the “minor” concussions. After the first few lights out incidents I had a week or so of motor skill weirdness, and probably a month or so of hard to explain memory issues. Fine balance was also an issue for a month or so. After the last few I have had some pretty bad memory issues, and a hell of a vertigo feeling with my eyes shut. My fine motor skills are pretty good after awhile. The other side of this is that I know people who have permanently lost specific motor skills permanently after just one thump to the head.
  11. Big Tim

    Rib surgery

    After almost getting killed from doing a side belly flop on a trailer tong jack (Truck and Horse trailer turned left in front of me on a country road when I was doing 60 MPH) I had more displaced broken ribs than the trauma Dr. felt like counting. The left side of my chest looked like it had pop corn under my skin. At the time I was more concerned about my punctured lung, lacerated liver and broken wrist to question the lack of care for my ribs, but they healed fine. They just needed time to heal and I upped my allergy meds to keep my sneezing to a minimum. A sneeze felt like a kick from a horse. Good luck.
  12. Big Tim

    Broken Femur and Meds

    After learning the hard way I learned that Colace (might be spelled wrong) is a must when taking narcs. I try not to take them whenever possible. I have better luck with dealing with the pain during the day and then taking a PM med to help sleep at night. Good luck.
  13. I have had mine in for almost three years and just had the screws removed because it hurts when I run. Now, I am considering getting the rod removed to see if it feels better to run. It also hurts my knee when I jump out of the back of my truck. I dont have any pain when on my dirt bike, even when I case a jump or hit a big G out. Good luck, I was walking without a cane in a few weeks. I was never needed a air cast or anything like that. The sooner you get it moving the better.
  14. Big Tim

    Femur rod, leave it in or take it out

    I had my screws taken out of my left tib and it almost seems like I have more pain. Now I am looking at getting the rod out. I am mostly concerned about my knee hurting after yanking it out through my patela.
  15. When I was having my screws taken out of my Tib I asked my Dr. if he could do it without a general and he pretty much said what Dr. Mark said. I opted for the local and had plans of driving myself back to my shop to work for another 5 hours. Well, getting the screws out pretty much felt like I would have imagined screws getting pulled out of my bone without a local. I always feel like crap after getting a general so I am probably still glad I did the local, but I couldn’t imagine getting a plate with screws taken out of my collar bone. The Dr. had to put a lot of pressure on the screw to remove it. If they have to put anywhere near that same pressure on your collar bone screws I would opt for the general all the way. Good Luck.