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  1. What do i have to do if i put a YOSH trc comp slip on. I have a stock 06 RMZ 450.
  2. garysxr

    No toil is it good or not

    No troil is the only way to go. No messy clean up. I use PH Plus (same stuff you use the raise the PH level in a pool) to clean my filter. Sounds crazy but does the same as the oxy clean and is about 1 dollar a pound at wal-mart.
  3. garysxr

    Anyone running a hydraulic clutch

    Some guys at local track i go to run hydraulic cluches. Does anyone use one and if so what do you think?
  4. garysxr

    cleaning the air filter

    I use no toil oil. Its cleans with warm water with PH plus( 6 dollars for 5 pounds) which is what you use in a pool. Believe it or not it is the same stuff as the no toil powder cleaner(7 dollars for 16 Oz). Try it and you will be a believer. I thought the guy who told me was crazy too. Yes it safe for your filter.
  5. garysxr

    06 RMZ 450 modifications

    I am getting the forks and shock revalved. What weight springs do you think i should get.
  6. garysxr

    06 RMZ 450 modifications

    I am 185 w/0 gear. You think i need a lighter shock spring. I was told to go heavier with the fork springs.
  7. I am 185 no gear and novice rider at a small new england motocross/supercross track. I have a 06 RMZ 450. The stock suspention wares me out. i have a hard time keeping the bars in my hands. All the test reviews say the thing needs suspention work. None say what kind. Do i need to revalve or respring or both. Any info would be great. This thing tires me out quick. Thanks
  8. garysxr

    06 RMZ 450 modifications

    What are some mods i should make on my 2006 RMZ 450? I heard about an air box mod whats that about. I could use some help before i spend money.
  9. garysxr

    06 RMZ 450 Advise

    Just a revalve no springs?
  10. garysxr

    06 RMZ 450 Advise

    I am new to suzuki. I went from a 05 Yz250f to a 06 RMZ 450. What if any mod's should i make. I weight 185 w/o gear. I was told from my supension guy to go with hevary springs in the forks. other than that i love it so far. Any help would be great.