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  1. jmz

    2000 XR650R

    My bikes starts real easy BUT the carb has to be clean and I did put an iridium plug in mine. If the PO started it on the first kick you should be able to also. I can start mine on the first GOOD kick with my CROCS on " sometimes". I might go through ten or so warm up kicks with the de-compression lever pulled and the let off find the compression stroke , pull the lever , Kick the starter about two inches , let go of the de comp lever kick . My bike ticks pretty loud, especially when cold .
  2. I would like to know the measurement from the center of the throat to the bottom of the bowl. I scored one of these for my Honda 20hp engine but I dont have it yet .
  3. Did you get this figured out ?
  4. jmz

    Street legal kit

    It might be cheaper. I am a real Tight a$$ and i just did not think it would be worth the saving. I bought the baja kit.
  5. jmz

    Diesel 15/40 heavy duty motor oil

    I have been using Rotella in ALL my engines for a long time ,Diesel, gas , bikes, mowers, tractor, Tahoe,Dodge Cummins , etc
  6. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    I just went finger tight and then tightend the nut with a wrench.
  7. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Dustin . I just ran the main jet holder all the way in and used the nut as a lock nut.
  8. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Stator problem........... Could be electrical , but if it wasnt doing it before I would not think so. Speaking of stators , I am waiting on mine to get back from BD deisigns. They told me all their stator guys quit :foul:
  9. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    I bought an Iridium plug for my bike . It was almost $10.00 but well worth it.
  10. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Sounds like your float is to low. The needle jet goes in with the bevel/ big hole facing up. Sounds like it is running low on fuel after 1/4 mile . I always thought popping was from running lean ?????????
  11. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    I have on GREAT eye , my right I has an artificial lens in it thanks to a cup brush on a seven inch grinder
  12. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Look at the other pic with the carb in it. If you look in the throat of the carb there should be a little brass jet sticking up a little where the needle gos through , it looks like it is not there .
  13. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Gas pouring out the carb is either , float , float valve or valve seat.
  14. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    Take a pic of the carb from the bottom looking straight up wher the main jet holder came out of.
  15. jmz

    #%$@*&^% Put my carb back wrong

    That thing is called a float valve