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  1. rdbrod

    DR Battery - Needed?

    I replaced the battery on my 91 DR350 with a capacitor and everything works better than a old or weak battery. Use the search to find info on making a battery eliminator. Mine cost under $10!
  2. rdbrod

    NH orv park

    Does anyone know of or ridden at a orv park in northern NH?
  3. rdbrod

    What does your DR really weigh?

    Had some fun this winter putting my 91 dr350 on a diet. After a few mods and removal of unwanted parts I got it`s weight down to 270lbs with a full tank of gas.What kind of weight can you get a dirt only model down to? I weighted mine using the bathroom scale technique.
  4. Anybody have experience with these companies who say they can get you a title for any bike? I bought a basket case dr200 got it running and am trying to register it in Mass. Al the dmv tells me is :show me the title:!I still ride it off-road but would be nice to be legal.
  5. I`m in Mass. with a DR 200 I got off ebay.It had a blown motor and crash damage.Only got a bill of sale from a person who got it at a yardsale.It sounds alittle wild but the couple seemed honest with hundreds of good feedback.Now it`s time for a title and all I get from the DMV is "show me the title". Anybody have first hand experience dealing with one of these co. who supply clean titles?I`m not sure where to start.
  6. rdbrod

    2006 Dr200se Info?

    You`ll probably do alright by reselling it locally. Check e-bay for deals on this model.You should be able to get close to 3k.
  7. rdbrod

    dr250 performance stuff

    The first thing I would do is junk the battery and install a Electrolytic 4700uf 50volt capacitor wired in its place. They cost under 10 bucks and all your lights and blinkers will work fine when the bike is running.It worked great in my 91 DR350.
  8. rdbrod

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    Whatever bike is choosen I think it should be street legal.Be able to haul .a bag of grocerys one day and do a mx trackday another.Be able to pass 92dbl then uncorked at the track.There seems to be more new street legal dirtbikes coming out now than ever.Are we going back to the 70`s when the daulsports were huge?I think a TT bike should represent the widest range of people that visit the site.My bikes might be alittle old but being reliable and fun to ride with all skill level of friends is a blast!
  9. rdbrod

    dr200se kick

    Best price i`ve found on stock parts was at Bob Tracey`s World of motorcycles.I`m rebuilding a 98 dr200 for the wife and duaghter to fight over.I to wondered how easy it would be to throw on a kick starter on.
  10. rdbrod

    help with 01 dr200se hard starting

    Use the search for your specific bike ,there`s alot about carb tuning.
  11. rdbrod

    Service manual for DR200SE

    I spent the $50 and got the factory manual from the dealer.I got the same bike off ebay,crashed with blown motor.After it was running I checked every bolt for tightness and all the controls to work smoothly and good brakes are important to me.Spent the extra money on good motorcycle oil and suzuki oil filter.
  12. After reading all the very informative threads on making your own battery eliminator I took the plunge,bought the capacitor,yanked the battery and box wired it in and presto! For 8$ I`ve got bright lights at idle,good blinkers,and 7 less pounds to carry around. For a kick-start only bike I`ll never buy another battery! Thanks to all who posted.
  13. rdbrod

    Bike Battery Brands

    I hate to buy bike batteries all the time too.If it is not e-start I would look at a battery eliminator .
  14. rdbrod

    Hub and rim options

    I`ve got a 91 DR350 front hub that has 36 spokes. If I get 17 or 18 inch rim that has the same number of holes is there always some spoke that will work?Trying to teach an old dog(dr350) a new (supermoto) trick.
  15. rdbrod

    Capacitor install help

    Just for info sake I ended having to go online with my buddy who is an electrical engineer at Raytheon to find the manufacturer and it turns out the black end that had a vent was the positive end.Who would haved guessed?I still haven`t hook it up yet so I`ll report back later.