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  1. Hill-Billy

    2006 WR250 Oil staying in upper reservoir.

    Well don’t I feel dumb. I checked the manual and it calls for 1.5 qts. Just to save face “the guy at the dealership told me to use that much oil!!!” thanks.
  2. Sometimes the motor oil is staying in the upper reservoir. I warmed up the bike, pulled the dipstick and oil poured out. After the first time I drained all the oil and refilled (two quarts 10w-50). Second time I pulled the screen under the reservoir to check for clogs, it was spotless. I changed from paper to stainless steal oil filters. (This happened with both filters) This has happened a few other times. I have not seen any metal on the oil filters at oil changes. Any ideas? Things to check? Sell it right away? I’m waiting for the motor to stop pumping oil one day and lock up on me.
  3. 2006 WR 250F I’d like to know if there are any jetting changes I should make. I’ve installed the JD jet kit (185 main, blue needle w/ clip in the 5th position.) The rest of the jets are stock. Other mods include: opened air box, Twin Air filter, removed backfire screen, Boyesen quick shot, YZ throttle stop, billet fuel mixture screw, cut gray wire, AIS (POS!!!) removed, GYT-R slip-on. I live in north Georgia (below 4000 feet). Any suggestions on jetting would be great, and also opinions on a Vortex Ignition box or cams. Other than sprockets and suspension (witch I’ve done) I hope I haven’t run out fun things to spend money on! Maintenance is necessary but boring. If anybody wants to know the GYT-R slip-on was well worth the money!!!
  4. Hill-Billy

    Bottoming forks/proper spring rate

    Well I bought and gave the shop 2 quarts of 3.5 – 5 w oil. I assume they put one quart in each fork since I didn’t get any oil back. As for the clickers Forks: Comp = 4 out, Reb = 12 out Shock: Reb = 11 out (stock), Hi comp = 2.25 turns out, Lo comp = 11 out
  5. I have a 06 wr250. I am 6’2 and 250. Ride trails and trying some MX. I have installed Race Tech springs (shock – 5.6 kg and forks - .48 kg) and the thickest oil they had and some times the forks bottom out. Usually landing on both wheels at the same time from 5 feet up. I do not have any of the shims in the forks. (I didn’t know about them and the shop that did the work didn’t bring them up). I’ve set the rear with the right amount of sag to start but found softening the compression on the rear helped. Is it the shims or the wrong springs or do I need to make more adjustments all around? I found how to set the fork sag here and plan to do that next. (Do the shims go on top or bottom of springs?) Any help would be great.
  6. Hill-Billy

    TTR 230 Mods, what are people doing

    I s that plug that brass ring under the intake side of the carb?
  7. Hill-Billy

    TTR-230 Teikei carb piolt plug

    I read that the pilot adjustment screw is plugged (thanks cali- FU-ornia)! Were is it exactly, I don't want to drill the wrong thing.