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  1. Because apparently others have anger management issues over sarcasm then go off topic schooling others about how dumb they are. Then when they feel better about themselves bring the topic back....SO, back to the beginning of my 1st post having fun with the topic at hand I get flamed for what? Anyhow .... I do believe I'm in for fight for this bike since I can't find any other two smoke in green and has the number 22 on it. You know because I really am a bidder !!!! I wish Chad would post something about this just to see what he thinks about it seriously! I sure he's keeping his mouth shut for good reason till it's over. Charity or no charity, people be playing this dude.
  2. My fault I thought you were someone else's TT brother from other posts because I care that little... Great now we have a certified grammer expert talking to me on a Chad Reed topic. Sorry I put my sarcasm on this topic to have fun. Apparently there some pretty serious members that are up tight in here. I hope you can comprehend this but I doubt you will because after all you're WAY above my level,Kid . Flame on flame on. Sorry you can't understand that everyone not as perfect as you.
  3. Well apparently you're the only one with a problem with my gibberish , you like to keep talking morals expecting someone to care and can't take jokes, sarcasm or any other fun with this topic without flamming me.let it go. I'm me and your you. Try and have fun with a topic and your not having it.. Whatever ohhh gibber gibber gibber lol .
  4. You're funny..... Why so serious over something so immature to begin with?? You mad because your bidding and not winning yourself? You need a break from this, too worked up . Try going to eBay bid on something nice for yourself... Let go.
  5. I buy and sell everyday on eBay for the past 16 years at 100% FB, this is not by any means the craziest auction to ever do this ( I know I'm not a team player for eBay things are the way they are on eBay blah blah because of people like me) He should of made it a private auction where bidders have to have minimum credentials to bid first Like umm, barrett jackson ....Harassment!!???? AHHH! The eBay police! Oh IP tracking, crap I forgot about that one ......you sound like CR Now.. FYI . Sarcasm dude ! Don't get your panties in a bunch! Really you think everyone is using their REAL username and account for this auction? Don't worry I got myself covered , Especially at 80k
  6. I've been outbid again!!!!! Whats it take to get a 0 mileage? vintage 2005 KX 250 Slightly USED condition with old stock wheels and rubber and no green lights anymore? Ok, I'll stop now But this is epic....lol! By the way, no one answered the phone using that number.he he
  7. The bidders are just messing with this guy! 50k+ LOL! DREAM ON! Dude better get his listing fees refunded.... Somewhere out there is a die hard Chad Reed fan and is just as ticked off as Chad. That person(s) is bidding on this to not follow through with the sale! If it isn't Chad himself! Ebay police are coming deadbeat bidders! Whatever LOL! 50k for a green bike.......
  8. RM_519

    Why go so small?

    IT WAS A JOKE,SARCASM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! I'm not that stupid! I've rode for 24 years! AND this debate over the 250 125 IS stupid I never DOGGED ANY ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE! CrusRuss did that at his will on the subject. I think I did say the 125 would get crushed over all, but can be competitive to a certain point. "RM_519 Im not calling you a beginner or saying that a smaller bike has never beaten me. A guy on an 80 beat me around a mx track once." SO IT IS POSSIBLE to beat a bigger bike DUE TO RIDER SKILL.....It WASN'T THE BIKE THAT LOST. Depends on what you want to do and your goals.MY OPINION! I DIDN'T TAKE AIM AND throw CHEAP SHOTS IN THE FIRST PLACE TOWARD ANYBODY.AND I'M THE BAD PERSON???? I WILL CONTINUE TO RECOMMEND THE 125 AS THE NEXT STEP VS. 250,But also depends on what your level of skill is and what you want to do. THAT is what my original post was trying to stress. I could beat a 250 (no mention of BEATING A 2 stroke 250) after I tried a 2 stroke 250,it wasn't for me. 80% of the time I said I could beat a average 250, meaning 4 stroke(MY BAD!!HOLY CRAP) no mention from my mouth about ever beating a 2 stroke 250..................DONE!!! Just ride and HAVE FUN DOING IT! I never thought I would get Rudely SLAMMED FOR A OPINION.
  9. RM_519

    Why go so small?

    The fact is that even pastrana used 125cc 2 stroke when ALL OTHER BIKE SIZES were available. He still won at what he was doing in FS on a 125cc AND he DID against riders on 250s( so how can you say he didn't win against 250 using a 125?). As far as supercross I follow it tightly and I never said he rode a 125cc in supercross. when I said GOLD I assumed you would think X games. "Jeremy McGrath, he changed from a 2 stroke 250 to... a 4 stroke 450 - whats your point?" HE DIDN'T KEEP USING THE 2 stroke. "In fact 125s have been dead in supercross for years, kawi dont even make them anymore lol." There is a thing called supercross lites class and I never said that 125cc had prime time and was used by RC ,JM,TS. AND you never seen a 125cc jump triples???????? thats a joke. They Guys riding in the 125cc class are beginners mostly but lack some of the skill to pull a triple and feel confident. And you assume that I'm one of them just because I chose a 125cc??? I can jump with any 250 any day on a 125... Kawi was a business merger and was in trouble financially, can't produce what you can't afford to make,not because their bikes suck! LOL "(trust me Ive done enduro on a 125: Stall, start, stall, start, rev rev rev, stall, stack" Must be your skills.....its called staying on the pipe. "When you are ready to graduate, sell that pos and get a real bike." I love how you know what I ride ,ridden and tried all by your magical God skills. I've ridden bikes for 24 years and I ride what I feel is BEST for me not what someone else thinks I should ride . AND I have other bikes that I ride.Just because I chose to race my 125 dosn't mean my skills are a beginner level nor do I call my self a PRO. But hey, I guess you NEVER EVER EVER have been beaten buy a smaller bike with better skill..???IT's a BIG WORLD OUT THERE AND DIFF. BIKES AND PEOPLE RIDE AND MASTER WHAT THEY DO ON SMALLER BIKES. AND WHY IS MY BIKE STILL REFEREED AS A POS??????YOU RIDE SUZUKI ALSO!? OH, ITS A 06 ITS BETTER I FORGOT!
  10. RM_519

    Why go so small?

    I would like to add, never did I say my bike was better than a 250 2 stroke or can beat 100 Percent of 250s with my bike.I was referring to the 250 4 stroke through the majority of my prior post.I even stated I rode a yz250 2 stroke and it was fast but it wasn't for me.AND it could of been the particular bike also.And the rider is the winning key if your good then there is No reason a 125cc bike couldn't win in the same conditions as a 250 2 stroke it depends on the rider and setup of the bike.I can't remember the last time I did 50-???MPH in the woods or on a track.A 125cc can be matched HP to gear ratio + approx. torq closeness to equal as of a 2 stroke 250 but ultimately the 250 would clearly out run the 125.There are a ton of examples of what I mean. Even in the car world a Honda can beat a High HP car off the line possibly through a couple of gears due to its gearing the other car may spin out alot more losing time while the Honda is already hooked up but at a certain speed it will get crushed. So if you can out race me fine but I never claimed to be able to beat every bike that was out there on a 125cc.I stated the average 250 I can beat 80% of the time( with my modded bike) is a walk.SO just step off a little bit.Or you can show at any District 11 races look for 519 and I will ride .But being rude isn't gonna solve anything.
  11. RM_519

    Why go so small?

    FYI I SOLD MY RMZ250 04' and kept my 01 125. you assume on your behalf to much! And just because you have a 06 MAKES YOU BETTER THAN ME??? AND ONLY "NEWBIES RIDE 250 4 STROKES"????? UM heard of supercross lately? YOU ASSUME MY BIKE RATES AT 32HP?? GOD IS THAT YOU???? "I can thump up a hill with full power in the low end in 3rd gear or I can scream down a straight flat stick in 4th on the top end" AND THE HILL WAS HOW BIG???AND YOU ASSUME MY BIKE CAN'T? "You would be left grinning, until you had to get off and go back to your pos." ASSUMING AGAIN.....I wouldn't be grinning and MY POS IS SPONSORED AND YOURS?? OH I FORGOT 2006 was the year for NEW POSs. DUDE GET OFF YOUR HIGH F$#!ing HORSE! MY OPINION GET IT! I DIDN'T CALL YOU OR YOUR STUFF POS in PRIOR posts! AND I WOULD GLADLY RIDE WITH YOU( BUT WE KNOW THAT WON'T HAPPEN) "You may try to say 250 2 strokes are dead, but 125's died a long time ago my friend. I feel sorry for your 125, Ill look for you on the track" MAN THAT TRAVIS PASTRANA GUY MUST BE STUPID AND OLD!!!especially to be riding 125s still... and WINNING. DUDE , JEREMY McGRATH TRIED YOUR ROUTE AND FAILED AGAINST 4 STROKES.He just changed up a few races ago on LIVE TV from 2 to 4 because he was LOSING>>>>>..... REREAD this CAREFULLY: "I'm not saying I can keep with Heavy modded 250s or 450s but the average 250 is a walk over" AVERAGE NOT MODDED, READ! DID I SAY YOUR BIKE??? OR stroke? OH those 450 2 strokes are outdated.ASSUMING ON MY PART... SORRY, GOD OF ALL 2006 2 STROKES AND MINE BIKE IS THE FASTEST! AND HERE'S YOUR TIME SLIP DRAGSTER! "EDIT: Also, the price difference is 1k between a 125 and a 250, that 1k buys you about 16 horse power. Not to mention everything else. You're crazy" Did I say THAT???????? I MEANT 17 HP "You suffer from a problem I see a lot these days, people who have only ever ridden bike x and think its god. There is a saying "The best you know is the best you've ridden"." UM ,I THINK NOT YOU'RE THE 2006 2 STROKE ,BEST YOU HAVE EVER RIDDEN AND THINKS ITS GOD MR. NO PIC. MY BIKES A 06 AND Its BETTER THAN EVERYTHING! Hey I'll be looking for your bike on race day ! SMOKING CRACK IS ILLEGAL AND YOU SHOULD STOP USING IT WHILE ON TT.
  12. Thanks for the info, Your SFB covers are very trick! I'll have to see what I can come up with from my shop sponser.Boyesens aren't bad but dull looking ...
  13. No kidding!!??? well foot in my mouth! Looked like aluminum but Hey, I guess ya learn as you go! I guess my N.A.S.A app. will get declined I guess it couldn't hurt to try to buff the rest off then. If that doesn't look good then I guess I'll powder coat it! That or buy a After market one.Thanks
  14. RM_519

    Why go so small?

    We'll my opinion on this is, I don't see a big gain going to a 250 from a 125. I rode a YZ250 2 stroke and it was just heavy feeling and I weigh 190lbs 5-10" ( I'm no fat either) and I hated it. It was fast, but didn't settle right for me anyway, could of been the bike also...who knows?? But now I RACE a 2001 RM125 all modded out(pipe,reeds,silencer,jetting,alot of setup tweaks,gearing you name it) with some suspension tweaks for my extra weight and I kick the out of 250s 80% of the time. Also when it comes to the bikes actual frame and components they are the same size,same parts alot of times. Nothing like OH My GOD that's big compared to the 125!! !(seat height,suspension travel,tires...)it's really in the engine weight .Plus a 125 is cheaper on the pocket. A 125 can run any day against 250s, it's the rider that makes the win. With 1k in the pocket average (between the two)saved is 1k spent on mods to kick the crap out of alot of riders that JUMPED A BAND WAGON AND BOUGHT A 4 POKE and suck! I'm not saying I can keep with Heavy modded 250s or 450s but the average 250 is a walk over.Modding out a 250 2 stroke is just not worth it due to the 4 stroke 250, no one runs them if they decide to race. If they do it's usually replaced soon after with a 4 stroke. 250 2 strokes are now becoming a thing of the past..(Mcgrath tried it on his totally modded 250 2 stroke but now has to ride 4 stroke 250-450s to keep up with his class) .Pastrana never had a problem on his rm125 in x games while all the other riders sat on their 250s and watched a RM 125 2 stroke and a awesome rider take gold and he rode against 250s all day. Depends on what you want to do and your goals.If you want to drag race with people on a weekend on dirt that's one thing, but FS and Racing is different. It's the riders choice on the next step up and that well could be a 125. Your gonna suck longer on the track if you have to grow into a bike . Ride a bike that's all around the best choice, that usually is the next one on the product line.. RM_519 District 11 sponsors : Bo's Radical Racers partnered W/ Moose racing,OH Harry's Electric Co., NC
  15. Wondering if there is a easy way to remove what's left of the paint on my clutch cover.It looks like . But I don't want to ruin the aluminum under it with some chemical paint remover to strip it.I heard that some paint removers act funny on aluminum and damage it. Anyone done this to get a better look from their stock cover? I don't want to repaint it either.just polish it out. ANY advice? Thanks