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  1. roach51

    Pics of whats left of my motor!!!

    brutal man, thats just disgusting!
  2. roach51

    knee braces

    seems like a real toss up between asteriks and CTI's..... hmmm decisions.
  3. roach51

    knee braces

    good info, thanks guys.
  4. roach51

    knee braces

    I'm considering some knee braces for track and trail riding. What are some of the better braces please include why you like them and what do you not like about them. Thanks
  5. my rad guards and skid plate are on order as we speak
  6. roach51

    05 yz250f hard to start! please help

    I've been starting my 06 right aound the freezing mark without problems. The manual says to give it 3 or 4 twists of the throttle, pull the choke lever out and kick with no throttle and sometimes I'll get lucky on the first kick but usually it goes by the second.
  7. roach51

    Oil filters?

    I also just did my first oil change after break in last weekend. I replaced the paper filter and cleaned the metal strainer, alhough there wasn't anything in it to worry about. All you albertans who replied, where abouts are you located and where do you ride? I'm in Calgary and so far have only ridden at Waiparous.
  8. roach51

    another 06 head problem?

    my bike also has a very loud ticking noise from the throttle slide moving forward and back.
  9. roach51

    throttle slide free play? 06 yz250f

    yup, you can hear it when its running and it definitely is the throttle slide. I ran it briefly with the air box off and if I put a slight amount of pressure on the throttle slide with my finger the noise stopped.
  10. Just did my first maintenance today on my 06 yz250f. I started it up and could hear a noise that I'm sure I didin't hear before. it was a loud ticking coming from the air box area. Took out the air box completely and found the noise was actually coming from the throttle slide. It moves nice and free up and down as it should, but also has a bit of play forwards and backwards, enough free play that just with a light tap of my finger you can clearly hear the tick. Is this a normal condition?
  11. roach51

    Starting help

    Lboy- you're at about the same temp as me then. I tried today giving it a few pumps of throttle and it started easier. Still took a little while but not as bad.
  12. roach51

    Starting help

    thanks alot guys. I'll try all your tricks and have a look in the manual.
  13. roach51

    06 250F stator

    is it strong enough to run a light for off-road use or will I need to have it re-wound?
  14. roach51

    Starting help

    no I didn't try to fnd TDC. Can you feel it through the lever? I think I may have flooded it right away, by giving it too much throttle.