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  1. We are having a Volunteer Day on Saturday October 15th if anyone would like to participate. We will be meeting at the Mace Mill Staging area at 8 am. We plan on doing work on both motorized and non-motorized trails, depending on the number of participants. You are more than welcome to bring your favorite tool from home, or if you could e-mail me and RSVP we will be happy to supply tools. Thank You, Dana Walsh US Forest Service danawalsh@fs.fed.us
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    Ed, There are maps at the staging areas. Just make sure you grab one of the rock creek ones, not the designated routes. We haven't gotten in the new maps yet, so just know there are a lot of trails that we have opened in the last year that aren't going to show up on that map. If you find me, or I find you, I will be happy to draw on the new routes for you. I will be at Mace Mill at about 8 on saturday. Dana
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    Georgetown Ranger

    I wanted to say thank you for having my request for a riding guide posted on the site. I had a really great ride out with bigbob and am very appreciative of everyone taking a little time out to help me improve my skills. I have spent a couple years out working on the trails out here and have hiked them all numerous times, but I feel it is important to get the veiw of them from the bike. If anyone else is coming out and interested in helping to give me a few more pointers. I appreciate it. I can be contacted at danawalsh@fs.fed.us