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  1. chef

    Need help for crf250 FAST!!!!

    Thanks a lot guys
  2. I am going down to rausch creek tomorrow and I need help. Last week at rausch half way through the day the bike became very hard to start but it would start, but it wouldn't idle. I just rode the rest of the day and put it away for the week and didn't think much of it. Well I get everything ready for tomorrow, wash, clean airfilter ect. and I try to start it up and nothing. Wouldnt start for crap. I pop started it and it ran ok but it still wouldn't idle. So I thought maybe it was the spark plug. Took the spark plug out and it was pretty black and nasty looking. Now it was 7 oklock on saturday night and I tried every auto store opened and no one had this spark plug. I went home and tried my best to sand it up and just clean it up. Had it lookin pretty decent and threw everything back together and then tried starting it up again. Nothing... pop started it, ran fine but still wouldnt idle and when it died it would not start up. I do not know where I can find a spark plug for my crf on a sunday morning but do you think it could be anything else besides the plug? thanks for the help