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  1. Doug R

    best looking BWM G450X ...... Post your pics

    Speedo on the back wheel??? In the dirt???
  2. Doug R

    Maico 620 vs 685 MX

    Is Maico still the same company as in the 70's??? I lusted for one thru that whole decade and finally bought 450 MX in 1979. It didn't disappoint.Won more races on that bike than any other,almost like cheating at the time. Would kill for a restored early 70's 501 square barrel or a mid 70's big bore aluminium coffin tank,down pipe bike. Or would pay if I had the money.
  3. Doug R

    09 530 XC W hard to kick

    Are you saying it's hard to kick start,or you physically can't kick it?
  4. Doug R

    Husaberg Updates Please

    Just get the damn thing. You won't regret it. FWIW I have been riding 40 years. It feels very KTM like but lighter than the 530 and other competition. I wouldn't worry to much about the first year bugs.They should have enough testing on their own to sort that out.What they say about trying to pick it up (heavy) is true. I'm a extra large frame 6'2 250 lbs guy and I'll be damn if I can lift it by the "handle" unless I get really mad.
  5. Doug R

    Husaberg 570 ride report video...

    Worst quality video/review I have ever seen. Not even good for a amateur.
  6. Doug R

    Maico 620 vs 685 MX

    WOW,what a thread.I won a lot of races on my 1979 Maico 450 and dreamed about owning one since the coffin tank days.I would do just about anything to own another bike that had Maico on the tank. I think when it comes right down to it that's what this it's all about.You young guys wouldn't understand.
  7. I have a couple pair of quality boots,but they are too heavy and give me no feel.( size 13) Looking for who makes the lightest boots.Is there any reports/tests online that give the weights? Thanks
  8. Doug R

    electric start failure

    Unless you run a auto clutch it's a non issue.Chances are slim you'll have a estart problem.If you do,just bump start it like flat trackers do,and road racers used to. It's no fun in the dirt,but I've done it plenty of times with old school loaded up two smokers.
  9. Doug R

    xc vs sx

    5 speed,larger tank,heavier 18" tire,flywheel weigh???
  10. Sounds like too much work to me.
  11. I paid $1,100 dollars for my 1973 Honda CR 250 Elsinore. That was a lot at the time.Paying $8,100 dollars for my 2008 KTM 505. Of course I was making less that 3 bucks an hour when I bought the CR,so it's all relative.
  12. Growing up with skate boarders,barefoot skiers,dirt bikers,etc I was hampered by one thing.My size.At 16 I was a very large frame 6'2 200 lbs.My buddies that I tried to compete with were in the 5'6 145 lb range. I realised in 1973 when I started racing moto x on my cr 250 Elsinore one thing.Short starts to the first turn I could manage the hole shot,long straights to the first turn I was dead last,only to be smoked by the typical 150 pounder. Now at 51 years old and 250 pounds it is even more of a problem.My 160 lb brother can leave me like I am standing still in the open sections. Moving to the open class many moons ago solved the problem.A 400 Yam,370 Zuke,Maico 450 and CR 500 did the trick.I'm no pro,but I screemed those bikes like a 125 and was able to manage the hole shot regardless of how long it was to the first turn. Does any other big guys miss the big bore two strokes? I bought a KTM 300 two smoker last year and was disapointed.I am hoping the new KTM 505 will do the trick.It's bad enough to get beat by the skinny guys in the technical stuff,but getting smoked in the open stuff aint fair.
  13. Doug R

    2007 KTM XC-W Is Painfully Slow. Jetting Help

    How much do you weigh? I had a XCW 300 and sold it after 10 hrs. Way too slow for me. I'm 6'2 250. My bro is 160 and was running circles around me on his 525 in the flat open sectons.It takes a cr 500 2 smoker to keep up with a light weight 250 rider in a drag race.Something to consider if your a big guy.
  14. Doug R

    Just got a new 06 yz250f

    All the 4 strokes I've had/been on do that in neutral off idle,but not really noticeable when riding.However,the new modern bikes do it much less than the older ones.
  15. A buddy of mine is picking up his new YZ 250F and he is interested in how the stock suspension will work for him.He is abouit 130lb without gear.Will it need to be resprung? It will be mostly used for off road/hare scrambles in Florida.Any set up tips appreciated.Thanks