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  1. hotchi

    Carb Problem

    carb cleaner and a tooth brush mabye??? lol how long was it in storage? and did u drain the gas out of the bowl and turn petcock off? if not, thats why this happend
  2. hotchi

    07 Crf 250r

    anybody think it would just be better to get the 07??? mabye it will be upgraded from the 06 ps. anybody know when they are plannin on goin with a fuel injection bike???
  3. hotchi

    2004 Honda CR250 Brand new for sale...

    whould a 04 250 be good for a 15 year old kid? im like 170 pounds 5-6to5-8 lol... and i am looking for a good two stroke that has smooth low end so i dont loop it alot oh, i am commin off of a ttr 125 and i hate four strokes now lol
  4. hotchi

    need clutch help QUICK!

    ight, i have no idea what i am doing wrong if i am doing somthing wrong but, it seems like right after i change the oil and the oil in on the top part of te the dip stick it smokes like craszy is it possible i am using to thin of oil? oh, and i decided to take a look inside the valve covers/head, and the f n valve adjusters are gone... this is really pissin me offf, i am thinkin about getting a 2 stroke next
  5. hotchi

    need clutch help QUICK!

    well, my bike is getting run till it dies then i am getting somthing else to much of a money pit we have totally rebuilt the motor.twice and it still smokes like a B**CH im done with this.
  6. hotchi

    need clutch help QUICK!

    its like yamaha-motors.com and it takes forever to find the manual there
  7. hotchi

    need clutch help QUICK!

    nu uh it was the lever on the case that i was talkin about i figured it out it was the little ball that whent inside the hub
  8. hotchi

    need clutch help QUICK!

    ok, i had my bike like all the wayy apart and the clutch lever was broken so i got a magnum lever and installed it today. now the clutch wont release. it doesnt like pull enough. i am wondering if there is some little spacer thinginside the clutch hub area, or sumthing if i pull the lever on the block farther it starts to pull but that doesnt seen right also does anybody have a pic of just ur clutch lever on the block while its sittin ther?????? i think that might help me and a manual picture would help the most lol thz
  9. hotchi


    wow thats so cool if ur 5 i did a 5th gear wheelie on mine like shifted threw all gears i cant wheelie in first can anybody here? it just revs like crazy cause its so short
  10. hotchi

    year ?

    nope the le is the electric start large wheel the l is the large wheel kick start the e is the electric start small wheel version, it has drum front i belive then theres the just ttr 125, which i think is just a kick start version of small wheel the person might have changed the wheels to make it into a big wheel version and not switched brakes
  11. hotchi

    What size is this bolt... anyone?

    lol yea haha
  12. hotchi

    What size is this bolt... anyone?

    think as if u were 15 u will get it
  13. hotchi

    What size is this bolt... anyone?

    thats kinda weird sounding l0l
  14. hotchi

    TTR 125 Flywheel Weight

    i am proly gonna do this soon... my dad wont let me take the flywheel off... he says i cant mod my bike lol when u take that much weight off does it make it have more mpg or gph or what ever
  15. u could do 1st then shift with ur heel thats way faster than putting ur foot allthe way up then under shift lever