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  1. If the carb is stock, check the functioning of the accelerator pump. In stock form, that pump doesn't deliver enough gas quick enough. I'd recomment the mod in this post. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=281621. Made a world of difference for me both in drivability and in cold starting.
  2. I know this is an old thread but I'll add my .02 because what I did, sure cured my starting problems. Hopefully it will help others that are having similar cold start problems with the XR250L. First go to this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=281621 and do the very simple carb mod that is described in detail. It involves shortening a spring on the 250L carb. This mod cures the stumble that plagues the stock XR250L and I also found out that it helps immensly in the cold start process. NOW, when starting cold, twist the throttle from off to full on three times, give it one strong kick and it starts every time. I had always been told that keeping your hand off the throttle was the way to start these things . The opposite is true. What they really need is a few good shots of gas to get going. For years i cursed this thing at its hard starting problem, now it's simple. Works for me every time, even when the temp is down in the 30's.
  3. Thanks for the write-up Ray, I went out and did the spring mod right away and the results were exactly what I was looking for. Removing the seat and right side cover made it pretty simple. I also tied a thin piece of string to the rear hook in the spring. Once the front of the spring was hooked back onto the accelerator pump actuator, it was a simple matter of pulling back on the spring with the string and hooking it onto the throttle pivot. The added benefit of the string was that it kept the spring from going flying during installation. Cut the string after its all hooked up. My only concern is , does this extra shot of gas wash down the cylinder walls possibly causing premature cylinder wear? Just a thought.
  4. I think that the rule with Simple Green is to use it full strength, carefully, but only where you need to degrease. As RyanK says, make sure you dilute it well if you want to use it as a general cleaning agent and then rinse well. I had the exact same experience with a sealed bearing MTB. Incidental splashing on other parts like plastic and electrical connectors is not a problem as long as you rinse afterwords.
  5. I use "Simple Green". It does a pretty good job and is easy on the delicate parts, like the plastics. Great product.
  6. That's the unfortunate truth. After trying every possible socket I could get my hands on, I finally broke down and went into the Honda dealer and picked one up today. Novel little tool, with very thin walls. $19 + tax. Good Luck
  7. My friend just bought a XL250R and I just picked up a XR250L. They seem to weigh close to the same. The XRL sits a couple of inches higher than the XL and seems to have more of an offroad suspension. One big difference is in the carburetors. The XL has two, which by my book is twice the trouble, while the XRL has only the one pumper carb. Much simpler to work on. The other big improvement is the two wheel disc brakes on the XRL. The XL still had the two wheel drum brakes. The XR250L seems to be an improvement over the XL250R in every department. That's my two cents based on a recent side by side look.
  8. This apparently is a mod for a accelerator pump carb, Like the one on the Xr250L. The regular XR250R doesn't have an accelerator pump so this mod wouldn't apply for you, unless you've swapped out carburetors.
  9. I just purchased a 94 XR250L thats in great shape but it has that annoying throttle hesitation. What exactly do you do to the accelerator pump and spring to get a faster throttle response? I assume that you want to get the pump to pump earlier (instantly) and possibly deliver more fuel?
  10. The first number refers to the width of the tire in milimeters. The second number is the height of the tire, expressed as a percentage of the width. So a 100/90-18 tire is 100 mm wide, and the height is 90% of the width, or 90mm. The 100/100-18 tire is also 100mm wide but its height is 100% of the width, or 100mm. Remember the second number is not a dimension, it is a percentage. Of course both tires fit on 18 inch rims. The 100/100-18 will actually be 20 mm larger in diameter ( 2 x 10mm) than the 100/90-18.
  11. You guys are great, thanks
  12. I'm looking at buying a '03 CRF 150 that I have found. It is well used and has aftermarket springs and exhaust. Although it looks nice, I'm afraid that it may have been ridden hard. Are there any known problems with this model that may not be readilly apparent? Engine, brake and wheel type problems I can figure out, but I was mostly concerned about frame issues, mostly cracking. My search of the forum found frame crack issues with some of the bigger bikes but not with this model. Any insight? Thanks, from a beginner.