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  1. jakestef

    Please help ...coil Q's

    Port Colborne Ontario, near wellend, and st. catherines, and yea go with the coil an plug cap, an if that dont work, u can always go for a high rev(better output) cdi box for like 50 bucks.
  2. jakestef

    Please help ...coil Q's

    if its not getting enuff spark its most likely the coil, cdi box may be a problem, and u've probly gone over the spark plug at this time, so that shuldent hold you back.
  3. 1. im duing the front forks on my 02, and I am curious of what weight i shud use.. will 5w be good? 2. also brake fulid, will dot 4 work? as i am also duing brake pads. ebc 3. and.. how much oil (in mL) should i put in each side of my bike? Thanx!
  4. jakestef

    02 crf450 top end noise, help!

    thanks, im gunna order the rebuild kit from yamaha of troy for $114 an when im duing that, ill check valves
  5. jakestef

    o ring? xring?

    o ring chains are a bonus i spose, there pretty cheap, an you can get alota rides outa them, but u shud oil them once and a while, whoever told you that you dont need to oil them is wrong, they will still wear. x-ring on the other hand, biger money, last longer, but id stick with o ring
  6. making it short, i own a 2002 crf450, its been raced, and i dont think its been rebuilt, it was fine until the other day, then it started to make alot of top end noise, my cousin said it might be the timing chain, ( i lent it to a friend, and he said he didnt warm it up, just rode off, is that a big problem? ) i am duing an oil change tomorow, i will check if there is metal shavings and wat not, PLEASE HELP ME Thanks