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  1. Knock Knock

    Bucks Lake Plumas County

    Havent been riding much lately. But we did just get back from a trip to St. Anthony Dunes in Idaho. Had a blast, lots of huge bowls and steep sand to play in for miles...
  2. Knock Knock

    Bucks Lake Plumas County

    Zekedawg, If you are wondering why I responded to your post the way I did , it"s because you and I have history together. And it"s not good..Just take the time to check out our past post interaction from April of last year. This event was a tradegy for all involved ; especially for the still greaving parents of a one child family who lost there only son that day.When you post up on my thread it brings it all back.......
  3. Knock Knock

    Bucks Lake Plumas County

    Once again you live up to your Sig. If you dont have any positive input please keep your opionions to yourself and stay out of my thread. I am not looking for anyone to volunteer any SSS, maybe just some usefull general info. PS. if you ever want a real tour around the Redding area let me know, I have been riding all the OHV as well as the SSS around here for over 35 yrs.Dont forget to wear your helmet.
  4. Knock Knock

    Bucks Lake Plumas County

    thanks all!!
  5. Knock Knock

    California Bucks Lake Plumas County

    Hey, can anyone give us some info on trails in the Bucks Lake area? Going there in a few weeks and would like to get a bead on good riding trails. Thanks:ride:
  6. Knock Knock

    wear a helmet

    Yes, I agree always wear all the safety equitment you can. I think the main problem with quads in general is that they do not require much skill at all to operate. ( make them move) next thing you know your in trouble, unlike two wheels where you need to learn balance, timing and momentum. Chances are you spent much more time learning how to ride on two wheels than four.I am not banging on quad riders , just pointing out why they kill so many people. And yes four wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul..........
  7. Knock Knock

    wear a helmet

    I happen to be close friends with this family for over 10 yrs. The father called me this morning to inform me as to what had happened.Steven actually died from a broken neck.The helmet or riding in a OHV park would not have helped. Steven, his father and I were riding buddies.Steven had been riding motorcycles,quads and driving sand rails since he was old enough to walk,and was a very accomplished off roader. As an example we rode trail #5 at Foresthill together when he was only 12 and he aced it, so training also was also not an issue.It was just a freak accident.They happen. He will be sorely missed and right now I have a huge hole in my heart.Miss you Steven rest in peace....
  8. Knock Knock

    Trailer length limit at Old Mill Camp in Stonyford

    Thanks for the input. As far as the "scare factor "goes im not concerned with tight switch backs and narrow roads as long as it is "passable".We towed a 28' Gear Box into Meadow Lake out of Trukee a few years ago, stopping along the "trail "to throw firewood into the washed out sections " had a old man in a Jeep on my tail for a few miles till I could finally pull over to let him by. He stopped and walked over to ask me " Man your either drunk or just crazy trying to bring that thing in here". It worked out just fine, made it in, camp ed out for a week or so and pulled out just as it started snowing. As far as watching out for people on bikes in Stonyford goes ..., been riding that area for years and have had plenty of close calls, not only with bikes on the trail but also trucks on the roads m-5,m-10 etc. You need to ride that area like someone is always comming from the other direction.
  9. We have a 27' travel trailer and normally camp at Davis Flat. Were thinking of camping at Old Mill Campground , forest service says 20' max , we have rode through there a few times on the bikes just checking it out, and it seems like it would be no problem to get in with 27 footer ,will it work. Thanks in advance,
  10. Knock Knock

    Yesterday's ride.

    Nice pics, , I used to ride that area a lot , brings back a lot of memories.I liked everything except all the shale rocks. Currently ride west of there in the mountains ,the dirt there is like potting soil mixed with loam. Lots of trees ,tight single track, hill climbs and best of all no rocks. Camera batterys dead , so no pics of todays ride but heres a few from Christmas day. Enjoy...