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  1. Mile High

    Regretfully, I am selling my New KX250

    Yeah, the internal pain is what hurt the most then.... and now.. So until I get it figured out what it is, i gotta do the smart thing and pull off for a bit..
  2. Mile High

    Regretfully, I am selling my New KX250

    I hit a kicker on a 50 foot table top, the bike sailed sideways and thats how I landed.
  3. Because of injuries acquired on my KX125, I feel it is unwise to continue riding for a while, or longer. My broken ribs, hip, arm and unidentified internal pain has not gone away like I had hoped. Maybe by mid-summer i will be better, but for now I feel somebody can gain a lot of bike for very little and I don't have to look at it just sitting in my garage.
  4. Mile High

    Jetting or ???..

    Ok, this jetting thing with the 05-07 KX250's is a bit much. I bought my new 06 KX250 two weeks ago and have about 2 hours and 4 plugs on it. Last plug was a BR7EIX and to be honest it didnt last much longer than the BR8's I've used. My plugs are black and soaked. Each plug is good for about 3 heat cycles then she's toast. On the 4th outing it runs for approx 1 minute then Bogs, smokes, pops, dies.. Like clock work, you wouldnt believe how consistant this crap is. Everywhere I read (Pro Circuit / Team Green / Motocross Action) say to get a richer Jet. &%$#@! am I missing here. my bike is way to rich and the experts are telling me to juice it up a little more. 400 ft above Sea level, 32:1 to 40:1 Maxima.. Excesive oil/sludge at exhaust and out of power valve tube or whatever it is, although the BR7 did reduce it a little.. I ride MX, when it runs..
  5. Mile High

    Pogo-Stick KX-250

    Settings are set per my 170 lbs weight and i was told that my suspension (Springs) just needed to break in. Somebody even said about 10 hours.. I hope not.
  6. Mile High

    Pogo-Stick KX-250

    How long will this be an issue. My KX250 has about 2 hours on it (bought new '06 on Saturday) and the suspension is still stiff. bounces me around quite a bit. I know it will settle but this is my first brand new Dirt bike. Just came off '05 KX125 and the power increase is amazing but useless since i am skating everywhere.
  7. Mile High

    How Long -YZ- Worried

    Currently I ride on '05 KX125 and prior to that an RM250. I am ready to move up again to the 250-450 ranks but have an issue with how the Yamaha feels. (keep in mind I am supposed to pick up my YZ250 this weekend) I rode an 06-YZ450f and YZ250 smoker yesterday. I felt extremely uncomfortable on both of them because they have a very LONG feeling to them. The power was great on both but I did prefer the 2-stroke light weight and power delivery. My KX feels like it was made for me, not because I am used to it but because it fit like a glove the day I got it. My front fender seems a bit shorter and lower than the YZ as well and that may have something to do with it, I dont know, i just know it does not feel right, although i want it to very much. How many of you came from another manufacturers bike directly over to the Yamaha with no time off in between. Did you feel like I did? How long did it take you to get used to it and did you really get used to it?
  8. Mile High

    2001 Yamaha PW-50 - How much are they worth?

    Nada and KBB are a joke. The PW 50 has been the same for well over a decade as far as i know, had a deal like that presented it's self here I would have jumped on it before i paid $1200 for my 4-year olds heavy ttr-50 that he cant even touch the ground on, so he still rides it with the training wheels.
  9. Mile High

    07 yzf 450 ride report.......

    Just curious, but when comparing the bikes are the tires NEW on all the bikes? New tires tend to make any bike feel "hooked up".
  10. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    And I understand all of that from everyones posts in here and it all was very much appreciated. I just dont understand why somebody ( Dodger) has to come in here in reiterate everything in such a rude manner.
  11. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    Reading is not your strong suit, I'll accept that and move on.. Thanks..
  12. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    &%$#@! are you talking about. My complaint was about the Fox customer service you tool. Step off your soap box and read a little more carefully. I am very happy about the protection my FOX helmet provided, I will be buying a new one, glad you stepped in after 35 posts to repeat what several people have already said in a much less constructive and immature way. Just because you cant afford a more expensive helmet does not mean you need to pipe in and be a dick to others that can.
  13. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    I did misunderstand, your point makes perfect sense..
  14. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    Where did I complain about the product???????? read guys...
  15. Mile High

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    Bryan, Nobody at fox said the helmet was ok, and I dont think I said anything negative about the quality of the product. Just fries me that they the customer service of many companies these days is somewhat non-existant. Please correct me if I misunderstood your post..