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    I live, eat, breath, dream, motocross. United States Air Force. F-15E Weapons Loader
  1. Thor170

    Der new scoot

    Just a few days ago it was bone stock. Now it is not and it hasn't even been started. Just have to finish personalizing some last touches to it and put all the fluids in it. The list... Flo Orange plastics Dirt Digit Graphics Renthal Twinwall RC-Hi bars Renthal grips G3 Ergo alum. throttle tube Motion pro throttle cable (routed in front of the number plate like it should be) VForce 4 reed cage Re-jetted NCEJ Suzuki needle Works connection skid plate Black Excel wheels Pro Circuit exhaust Pro Circuit 304 silencer Pro Circuit shock link Reflex unbreakable levers RaceTech components ...and that's it for now. Found a nice track here in Germany. Time to wring it's guts out.
  2. Thor170

    2014 KTM 250sx supplied jetts/goods

    Also, I decided I'd pick up some goods for it. Acerbis Flo Orange plastics kit Pro Circuit works pipe/304 silencer Pro Ciruit Lowering Link Not pictured is... ARC front brake/clutch levers Pro Taper alum throttle tube Boyesen clutch/flywheel covers Devol Skid plate Renthal dual compound grips
  3. Hey guys. Currently I'm stationed at an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Right now I've got my 05 RM 250 in storage along with all my household goods, where they will soon be getting picked up and crated/shipped to Spangdahlem AB, Germany. A few months ago I made the plunge and sent my best bud a blank check (he's very trusting) and had him pick me up a brand new 2014 250sx, and throw her in storage with my other girl. So here's my dilemma... I've been doing a lot of research on jetting (the always hot topic). I haven't checked the elevation in Germany yet, but I'm assuming based off the yearly cooler climate, I will probably be seeing some richer jetting settings for both my girls. Unfortunately, I don't have my KTM (and supplied jetts) in front of me. MXA says the richer N1EI and N1EH needles fixed the previous issues with jetting, but I'm reading a lot of guys are still opting for the RM's NCEJ needle, even with the 2014 model. I might say "the heck with it" and grab the NCEJ anyways. What's your advice? Also, I plan on messing with the main and pilot too, but I don't know what came extra with the bike. (My buddy just told me all the tools that came with it, but didn't specify the different jetts). So if there is anyone with a '14 250sx, please do tell what all came with the bike. Here's a picture. I'm sensing some jeleousy in the storage unit. The Mrs. When she was set up for the dez
  4. Thor170

    Flo Orange Plastic

    What graphics company did you go with? I recently got the flo orange kit and face the same issues. The stock KTM orange color looks like dookie when applied over the flo orange. Bike looks rad!
  5. Does anyone know if there are any companies that have, or can produce graphics that will match the Flo orange plastics? I just bought the plastics and think the standard orange accent graphics would look like dookie. Also, are there any companies that make the stock 2014 graphics, as decals, rather than part of the plastic? I've searched but can't find anything. Thanks!
  6. Thor170

    Guess that part! (07 144sx)

    So right before my buddy deployed, he blew his bike up. I thought I would surprise him with a fully rebuilt motor from bottom to top when he gets home next weekend. I figured, why not? I've done a complete bottom and top end on my RM 250. Should be cake right? Haha. I love the bike, but the manual (CD) leaves a LOT to be desired! Not very user friendly as far as in depth pictures and descriptions. I got the motor split and replaced the crank/seals/gaskets/o-rings; however, I have no idea what this 1 particular piece is, or where it came from. My best guess is it was located between his kickstarter and case to fill the empty space; however, when I slightly tighten the kickstarter bolt with the spacer on, the kickstarter doesn't want to return due to the pressure (what little there is) from this against the seal. I was also thinking this is an external piece to the motor, due to the texture of the metal/friction indicators. Any ideas from the KTM side of the house? Anybody care to do a once over on their bikes? Thanks!
  7. Thor170

    Aftermarket clutch basket

    I've read some topics on here regarding aftermarket clutch basket installs. Unforntunately, aftermarket clutch baskets are not supplied with a retaining plate so you need to grind the rivet heads from your OEM retaining plate. Alot of topics were about peening the ends of the clutch retaining plate bolts to aid in securing them. Attached are some pictures of a recent problem that happend to my 05 RM 250 from not peening them good enough. Prior to installing the retaining plate on the basket, I cleaned the bolt holes with carb cleaner (to ensure no residual oil was left before installing the bolts). I applied some additional red loctite to the bolts for some piece of mind, and let cure for a day. I came back and gently tried to loosen one just to see if it was secure. I was good to go!!!. Once installation was complete, I did peen the end of the bolts, but apparently not good enough. Knowing what I know now, I would have peened the crap out of them! Looks like I'm forced to go back to an OEM basket, as my OEM retaining plate is mush, and my aftermarket clutch basket gear is toast. This DID lock up my motor, during a 100 mile desert race. It was only for a brief moment in a fifth gear sandwash, then my motor chewed right through and kept going. At the time I thought I got a rock lodged somewhere in my drivetrain. Didn't know it was internal. About 4 miles later, the sandwash bottlenecked into a tight and very slow snowy, muddy, and soupy crevice in the ground. I lost traction, tipped the bike over and stalled. Tried kicking it and the kickstarter was jammed. I thought my top end was toast. Turns out it was another culprit........... The damage: Clutch basket and retaining plate are done. Large enclosed bearing behind basket is cottage cheese. RH shifter bearing is spent. This was on a Moose clutch basket but from what I hear, it's the exact same as Wiseco, and Hinson. Just different names. PEEN, PEEN, PEEN or stick to the more secure OEM!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thor170

    Oreana 100

    Awesome dezracer96. My number is 11H. See you there!
  9. Thor170

    Lets see The Rm's

  10. Thor170

    Idaho Oreana 100

    I'm not gonna lie. Is anybody as nervous and excited about it as I am? It will be my second year racing it. My first year (2010) whooped my ass (this happens when you try to blitz the first 20 miles and hit a wall)! I raced the "C" class cause I didn't know what to expect. My buddy Camas revalved my suspesion for desert and I geared the bike much taller. Gonna go for "Heavyweight B" this year and hope I fair better. I'm stoked!
  11. Thor170

    RM250 Clutch Problems. Is This Normal? 2005 RM 250

    I have an 05 too (that I absolutely love) that is super notchy. I've done everything from a new clutch cable to a brand new Hinson basket and inner hub. It's still notchy. I notice it's worse when the motor is warm after a moto. Everything is as it should be mechanical wise. I've grown to just live with it.
  12. Thor170

    RM250 North America Import 2T Petition

    Signed!! Let's keep this going!
  13. Thor170

    RM 2 stroke set up data base

    RM Year: 2005 RM engine size: 250 Carb mods(PowerNow, Wings, JDJetting, ect..): no mods Air Filter (stock?) Twin Air Main jet: 168 Pilot Jet: 45 Needle model/Clip position: #3 from the top Air screw: 1turn out Altitude where you ride: 2995-6200' temps- 30-105F Reeds: V Force Delta 3 silencer: R304/Type 296 SA Head mod: Stock Other mods(FWW, ect.): Pro Circuit Exhaust/Pro Circuit Triple Clamps,bar mounts/Black Excel Rims/Works Connection Rad braces,skid plate/Aluminum bearing throttle tube/ASV levers/Renthal TwinWalls/Hinson Clutch Basket,Inner Hub/Renthal Chain,Sprockets/Racetech Suspension front/rear Type of fuel: 50/50 Type of Premix/Ratio: Maxima 927!! (The Champagne of Premix!!) 32:1 Type of Trans oil: Bel Ray 10W-40 Gear Saver Type of riding(MX, trails/technical, desert ect): All of it Where in the powerband do you ride (Lugger/Bottom End, or Wide Open - Wide Open Both Tires: Maxxis IT Gearing (Sprockets): 13-51 Degree of satisfaction: 10 And finally: how much spooge 1) none, 2) little, 3) medium, 4) lots: Little to some: Little to none. Notes: It's been by far the best and funnest bike I've ever had. I've owned it since 05' and don't plan on ever getting rid of it either.
  14. Thor170

    Lets see The Rm's

    Thank you Sir. If your referring to the seat, it's stock with brand new stock height/density foam (hence the reason why it looks tall). If your referring to the cover it's the 2011 N-style paint version. I need some opinions.... Should I stick with the true generation front fender/number plate, or do you think updating to an 08-11 RMZ 450 front fender/number plate combo would look better? If so, what color for the fender? White or yellow?
  15. Thor170

    Lets see The Rm's

    2005 RM 250. She is all done! I can't stomach getting a new bike, so I gotta keep it fresh as if it were new. Makes me feel better! Mods: A bunch