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  1. totallysick

    connecting rod discolored

    My son bought a 1974 Honda CL125 (the single cylinder, not the twin). He bought it to restore and learn how to use a clutch. He is 14 so he has a finite amount of money (don't we all). We pulled the head and cylinder off and found the piston was pretty chewed up and the rings are broken. The cylinder will need a bore job. Here is the question; the wrist pin was a little stubborn coming out. I would say I could clean up the small end of the con-rod with emory or scotch-brite. The small end of the rod has some discoloring. Can he re-use the rod?
  2. Help please. A couple of months ago I saw a video of a rider changing a tire at an enduro really fast... I think he changed the back tire in about 4 minutes. If anyone can help me find it please post it.
  3. I am trying to help a friend out with his quad. It's a 2004 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4. It is all stock. He took it to the local Polaris dealership complaining about a bog when going up long hills. The dealership took the stock MJ out (172.5) and put in a 167.5. The problem still exists. I questioned him about the bog and after a full interrogation I beleive what he meant to describe is an intermittant miss when climbing long hills. Sounds like fuel starvation to me. I am wondering if the fuel tank is venting ok. The fuel cap has no venting and the tank is covered by the plastics. Anyone know how/where/if these fuel tanks have vents? I pulled the spark plug and it is bone white and it was hand tight. The quad is used in North Georgia and Tennessee in elevations from 1,000 - 3,000 feet mostly. Usually in weather above 40 degrees. I am inclined to try a 172.5 or one size up since it seems most of the time the stock jetting is lean to begin with. I am really interested to hear what you all recommend.
  4. totallysick

    Want to check out Highland Park 12/4-5

    The family and I moved to Georgia in September and we have not been out riding yet. I am not working so I thought Monday or Tuesday might be a good day to check out Highland Park. Anyone want to meet there? I ride an 02 KTM 300exc and I consider myself an ok rider... faster than some but not as fast as others. I am 39 years old but don't hold that against me! I have only ridden in the Southern California desert and I know this is a different ball game.
  5. totallysick

    members mew-used 1983 XL600R

    Hey that's my brother in laws bike... or at least it was until he sold it to you. Guys I can tell you this is a really pristine bike. David was the original owner and he takes real good care of his stuff. Now be careful not to scratch it!
  6. totallysick

    CRF100 Jump Video

    Impressive on a 100! Great choice of song!
  7. totallysick

    FMF TurbineCore II - Is it Loud?

    I have the Q on my 300 and it sounds about the same as stock... seems to me a lot of the "noise" comes from the expansion chamber...
  8. totallysick

    Up-Tite throttle tube

    Dave me thinkz the purple tube thingy clashes with that there yella 'n blue dirt bike
  9. totallysick

    Soboba Ride Gone BAD

    On Soboba Indian Land. Near their Casino. I guess that's near Hemet?
  10. totallysick

    Soboba Ride Gone BAD

    You mean this RUT!
  11. totallysick

    Soboba Ride Gone BAD

    Hey Andy why did you stop so much?
  12. totallysick

    Salton Sea off 111

    I was wondering if there is good off-road riding/camping on the east side of the Salton Sea? Can you camp/ride off the 111? We've been camping off the S22 near the 86 and thought about trying something new. I would be interested in ride reports, camping spots, or whatever you want to add.
  13. totallysick

    How's the dust in Occitillo recently?

    We're planning another trip to Occitillo for New Years. Anyone been there lately? We went for Thanksgiving and it was a dusty mess.
  14. totallysick

    Need to lower rear of my son's KLX110

    Hi everyone. This is an awesome site. I have been a lurker for about 2 years! Well, we just got my son (8yrs old turning nine in December) an '06 KLX110. He's a good rider (Honda 50 and quad) The problem is he is just a little too short. I need to lower the rear about 1". So far I have trimmed the seat foam and lowered the fork tubes about 3/4". But I do not want to go any further on the front without lowering the rear. I do not see how the rear spring can be adjusted. Has anyone been able to lower the rear and how did you do it? Oh, I really am not into spending big bucks on a shock if I can avoid it.