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  1. I have an 01 Xr400 with stock carb. Can anyone tell me which Keihin carb comes stock on this bike. I need to order a new fuel screw (aftermarket) but am not sure what I need. Thanks, a1scoot
  2. a1scoot

    Good bye CRF250X

    Being an owner of an 01 XR400 and an 04 Yamaha WR450,I'll say this.... Both are awesome, My 450 because of electric start,inverted forks and a powerband that pulls to the moon,but on the otherhand.... My XR because its bulletproof,durable and simple. If Honda would only bring back the XR line with alum. frame and trick supension I would lay down my cash immediatley! (they can leave the motor just like it is) Ride more, wrench less! a1scoot
  3. a1scoot

    Fuel screw...Who needs it anyway.

    Thanks for all your replies. When I set it up initially, I wanted a 62 pilot jet but all I could find was a 60. I am going to order a 62 as well as a new fuel screw,etc. This board is sure handy for some great info! Thanks, a1scoot
  4. Bought an 01 XR400 last week and really wanted to let my son ride with me today.Anyhow,after bolting on a White Bros. pipe,rejetting the main and pilot I set the mixture screw at 2 1/2 turns out and rode it down the street to check it out. All was well on the first pass and on the way back to my driveway it starts missing and popping. Turns out the fuel screw fell out. Looked for it for an hour(its a small part).No luck. My son was bummed as we couldnt locate another without ordering one.At the last minute I look at the stock pilot on my workbench and the threads look about right so I run it up into the hole where the fuel screw fell out. I used a piece of shrinkwrap over the exposed end of the pilot jet and started the bike...It ran great! Smooth idle and all..We rode all day with no problem. Will order the new fuel screw but I never figured this would work.Strange,eh? a1scoot
  5. a1scoot

    Reunited(and it feels so good)

    Compare the two eh? XR 400 (pros)solid,dependable,smooth power,no radiator to crush,easy maintenance,inexpensive to operate,awesome trail bike....... XR 400 (cons)heavy,low tech forks,no electric start,limited graphics available WR 450 (pros).precise handling,lots of suspension adjustability,watercooled, power hits HARD and revs to the moon,and of course...ELECTRIC START! WR 450 (cons)battery to deal with in off season,radiator to crush in fall, tall motorcycle,valve adjustment is a chore(remove cams)... Actually, I love both these bikes for what they do....... (but the XR will always be close to my heart) My suggestion: buy one of each!!!! a1scoot
  6. a1scoot

    Reunited(and it feels so good)

    I do. a1scoot
  7. After much thought I went and found a 2001 XR400 with very little time on her and shes back in my stable..I had an 01 before and sold her when I bought an 04 WR450 Yamaha. I love the WR but I still missed the sturdy XR so all is fine again.Have a White Bros. pipe on the way so the mods will be forthcoming.This time I'll keep her forever...... a1scoot
  8. a1scoot

    Best out the door price on NEW XR400R??

    Somethings wrong here. I will check out the shops name again tonight as I cant believe it is the same place. Maybe I got the name wrong. The sales staff were very professional and knowledgeable.Will post any correction when I get home. a1scoot
  9. a1scoot

    Break in tips

    For general break in I usually run about 15 mins bringing the rpm up and down through the entire range. (dont wring its neck yet) A couple sessions of this and your good to go. after 100 miles ,change the oil and your set. a1scoot
  10. a1scoot

    Honda's ongoing murder of the XRs

    The XR line will always have its loyal fanbase..... I hate to see it go actually as my previous 400(01) was solid and dependable though dated. I am buying another (01) on Monday to have a back up for my 04 Yamaha WR450 which I like but its way more maintenance prone then the XR... Long live the Xr's that are out there somewhere!!! a1scoot
  11. Try holding the throttle wide open and kick it hard.... Should clear out the flooded condition right away. a1scoot
  12. I am looking for a white Bros. exhaust for my 01 Xr 400. How much do you want for it and what condition is it? Al in California a1scoot
  13. a1scoot

    Best out the door price on NEW XR400R??

    Gilroy Motorcycle Center had a couple of em last week. (in California) List price was $4400.00 but you might be able to talk em down. a1scoot