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  1. vote for me

    Towing 20ft TH with Chevy 1500

    ask crfdude86, he should have a link
  2. vote for me

    Towing 20ft TH with Chevy 1500

    www.superchips.com www.hypertech.com www.bankspower.com www.YOU NEED A BEGGER TRUCK.obvious <-----jk seriously, try a chip, exaust and 4.10 gears. i remember seeing a turbo charger for the silverado 1/2 ton that mounts under the truck, and on the exaust. it was pretty crazy. for maximum power from an exaust system, buy headers, and LEAVE THE STOCK MUFFLER/TAIL PIPES!! instead of spending $600 for an extremely loud, annoying exaust system. buy an electronic exaust cut out. crfdude86 has a cut out on his dodge 1500, it is super loud, our as quiet as stock. all you have to do is flip the switch and close the cut out. it actually helped the power a noticeable amount.
  3. vote for me

    2007 250 Xc-f???

    Heck Yes i will! i might have to build my dad a cake or something for him to buy me one thanks for the info guys
  4. vote for me

    2007 250 Xc-f???

    is ktm going to offer a 2007 250 XC-F? i have heard rumors, but not sure if they are true. thanks
  5. vote for me

    sxf akrapovic pipe??.....

    a friend of mine put a mega bomb header, and a ackaprovaic silencer on his 06 250F. its super quiet and simply rips
  6. vote for me

    Kidney stones......

    i wish i never read any of these posts.....im scared!!
  7. vote for me

    A whole bunch of 07' SXF pics!

    does anyone know if a 250 XC-F will be offered for 2007?
  8. vote for me

    Dodge vs Ford

    red rider why are you so mean? we should all be happy