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  1. Krops

    KLX 300R jetting

    ? i dont know it made some sense to me considering what the inside of my cylinder looked like but then again it didnt make complete sense because of the WOT thing.
  2. Krops

    KLX 300R jetting

    personally you might want to steer clear of the dynojet. Here is why. It works great gives a lot of extra power but here is the problem with it. I just recently found out from jerry layton that if you tend to ride with the throttle pinned all the time like me (i have 2 throttle positions on and off) then the needle is tapered waaaay to much and feeds too much gas into the cylinder which in turn washes the oil off the cylinder wall causing excessive piston and cylinder wear. You should call four stroke works and talk to jerry about getting one of his jet kits. It really cleaned up the throttle respnse on my bike compared to they dyno jet kit.
  3. Krops

    Free Mod How-to?

    SHHHH dont tell anyone he "works" at home.
  4. Krops

    Free Mod How-to?

    OOOPS sorry guys please disregard my earlier post i wen tout and looked at my bike and realized i got the drain on the airbox mixed up with the crankcase breather. It does get filtered air. Sorry for the misinformation.
  5. Krops

    Free Mod How-to?

    The hose that goes from your crankcase to the airbox is below the filter. The filter is only for the air that enters your carb and if the hose is below the filter then it would not have a backfire screen. Go take a look at your bike. The hose may be on the filter side but that certainly does not mean that it is protected by the filter.
  6. Krops

    331 vs. 340

    Well now you are only the second person that i have ever heard that didnt have thier 340 smoke. My guess is that you probably got lucky with the material they gave you for the sleeve and its not junk like the sleeve that was on my bike. Its good to hear that you arent having problems though because i know that i was seveerly bumming when my bike went in for the valve job and was told that would need a cylinder.
  7. Krops

    KLX340 will not go into gear - Help!

    was it the clutch cable? because I have had the same problem. The cable binds or stretches so that the clutch is slightly engaged and you dont go anywhere. Thank God you were able to figure it out so you didnt have to ride the xt. That must have been a close one =p
  8. Krops

    Big Gun Exhaust for KLX 300

    sorry to get a little off the subject but this is making me wonder how well bill knows his own son i mean he cant even recognize that its me from the picture in my avatar much less the fact that everything im saying about my bike is what he is saying. I see how much you care My bike runs clean and crisp now with jerrys jet kit in it at any altitude that ive been at. Actuallyl the first ride that I put on it was in arrowhead and it ran awesome. Im very happy with it. I cant find the jetting spec sheet that jerry gave me right now but when i do i will post up exactly what is in there right now. The 331 compared to the 340 shouldnt make a big difference jetting wise, so this should give a pretty good idea of whats going on.
  9. Krops

    Big Gun Exhaust for KLX 300

    i had to rejet like 1 or 2 sizes different on the main but i also had a 340 at the time so i needed different jetting than you would. I could never get it quite right but thats probably because i had a dyno jet kit in my bike. It always ran rich above 4000 feet. But before i put in the 340 i think i was running a 132 or 134 main.
  10. Krops

    Big Gun Exhaust for KLX 300

    I also have a big gun on my bike but all i did was get the quiet core that they sell for it and it will pas the 96db limit easily. The great thing about it is that you only lose a little bit of power on the top end of the bike. You will only notice the power difference if you rev the bike out REALLY far. Its an easy fix and well worth it.
  11. Krops

    is www.planetKLX.com. still around?

    i dont know that is a good question i just tried the site and it didnt work =/
  12. All i have to say is my bike runs better than it ever has, it feels tight and it feels strong, unlike my thumper engine which never felt tight, you just kinda knew it was there and was making more power.
  13. Krops

    331 vs. 340

    Well my opinion of the thumper kit has gone from me loving it to hating it in a matter of days. I had my bike taken into FSW for a valve job and jerry pulled the whole thing down and went over it. When he pulled the cylinder off he said he was shocked. The rings werent worn at all and still had sharp edges on them, looking at my cylinder wall you could run your hand up and down and feel that there was waves in it. Like little woops up and down the side of the cylinder wall. He said that the material they used for the sleeve is absolute crap. The rings cut right through it and was wearing the inside of the cylinder down. If you have a 340 and it smokes you should definately take the time to pull down your engine and look at the cylinder. As for the 331, I love it waaaaaaaaaay more than my 340. It has way more bottom and mid than my 340 did. Not sure about top yet because i was just breaking in the engine and didnt want to thrash on it. My 331 started first kick, is easier to push through than my 340 (i can start the bike with my hand now), it does not smoke at all and it feels much tighter than my 340 ever did. It feels like a completly new engine. If you are going to do a bore kit i would stay away from thumper racing. It seems to me that 7thumpers is the only person that i have ever heard of not having a problem with thier bike smoking from a 340. Now i cant wait to get a fcr for my bike =].