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  1. 450motard

    what oversized tank for a 2011

    Uhm, you must have a different IMS tank than the rest of us. There are removable panels on both sides of the stock tank - those two panels do not mount onto the IMS tank (that's part of the space it takes to gain fuel capacity over the stock tank). Everything else stays stock.
  2. 450motard

    2010 YZ450F Breather reroute

    Welcome to the forum - my first piece of advice is to learn to use the search function. It'll bring you tons of quick answers... Click me: 2010 450 Breather re-route
  3. 450motard

    '09 yz450 vs. '09 wr450

    The YZ can be made into a good trail bike. Sure, you won't have the creature comfort of electric start or a headlight, but you'll have an extremely capable bike that can handle anything. A YZ450 with a gearing change and some suspension tweaking makes for a fun bike in the trails. I have a '10, but I also added a PMB kickstand, IMS oversize tank, skid plates, MRD exhaust and a Rekluse Z-Start Pro (best thing ever!). You didn't mention this in your original thread, but why a 450? I'm a big guy (6'-3" 225 pounds) and I do the motard gig a few times a year (hoping to increase that a bit), so I ride a 450. If my bike were solely for trail riding, I would buy a 250F, no doubt about it. The 250 will climb anything you aim it at and it'll take less of your energy to throw it around in the tight stuff. On a recent trail ride, I was struggling with my bone stock YZ450 and several of the KTM guys I was riding with were giving me a hard time. Someone made the comment "he brought a gun to a knife fight", and he was pretty much spot on. I've made several changes and it's much more enjoyable in the woods, but stock, it's not a great trail bike. Having said all that, I would still buy the YZ over the WR if I had it to do all over again, but I'm young(ish) and I still have a lot of adrenalin junkie left in me.
  4. 450motard

    '09 yz450 vs. '09 wr450

    Coming from a guy riding a YZ450, I'd say get a KTM. lol I've been riding with a bunch of KTM guys lately and I do envy their electric start, without the feel of a mushy WR450.
  5. 450motard

    2010 Engine Performance Mods?

    From what I've read, the header pipe isn't the culprit, it's the muffler. Buy a slip-on and spend the money you saved on something else... 2010 YZ450 Exhaust question 2010 YZ450 Exhaust System
  6. 450motard

    2010 Engine Performance Mods?

    A pipe will really help it with top end... the stock pipe signs off too early.
  7. As I mentioned in the other thread, I've got a '10 with the z-start pro. I won't hash out all of the details again here, but I'm subscribing as I'm having the same problems (though I've only ridden it once and haven't tackled it since that trip - we just had a baby boy three weeks early).
  8. 450motard

    EFI YZ450 off road set up?

    We need a 'sarcasm' font or something...
  9. 450motard

    2011 yz450f

    Having grown up on Honda, I have an affinity for red. Comparing the blue and the white/red side-by-side, I had zero decision to make. White/red for me please!
  10. 2010 YZ450F - MRD Exhaust - 12t front sprocket - stock map Z-Start Pro: started with the medium/soft setting (24 balls) It was dying on me (acceleration stall) when I did my break-in and test ride. Any decent amount of throttle from standing still or barely moving would stall it. A quick blip of the throttle at very low speed would stall it. I called Rekluse and they suggested turning up the idle. I turned it up one click at a time and reached a point where stalls are almost non-existent. As I said above, I rode 120+ miles at Talimena (extremely rocky, frequently very tight, lots of climbs, etc) and only stalled 4 times all weekend. Two were within 10 feet of one another on a stair-step uphill climb (had to stop for the guy in front of me and then stalled while I was barely moving and hitting the stair-steps). I don't know the exact idle rpm yet - need to install the hour meter/tach I bought so I can check it. Don't have a tuner yet... After turning up the idle, the bike is pulling pretty hard against the clutch when standing still - too hard. Also, it tends to 'freewheel' a lot when I let off of the throttle. The Rekluse guy said I should try the 'high/soft' setting. I think that's appropriate - it means the clutch would engage at a higher rpm, meaning it wouldn't tug so hard at a stand-still and it should give me back the much needed engine braking, right? Regarding checking the gap: I can't even get the 'no-go' feelers between the outer edge of the plates (much less between the actual pad) as it describes in the instructions. I do have a little freeplay with the first plate, but the feelers won't go in. I assumed this was ok, considering the 'no-go' nature of the gauges. And I cannot brake stall it. I tried locking up the rear tire at all rpms in all conditions and it never once came close to stalling. Wow. I wrote a novel. Sorry - lots to discuss. This is my first experience with an auto clutch.
  11. 450motard

    500cc Big Bore Stroker Kit

    I've never seen a dealership with this kind of equipment - I would imagine they would simply send the work to someone else and then charge you a mark-up. Save yourself the hassle and find a decent engine builder and go straight to the source.
  12. 450motard

    EFI Throttle body mods

    Click me Hopefully you're got more money than the average guy - $900! WOW!!
  13. I tell you, I've been riding dirt bikes for almost 20 years, most of those years doing trail riding. I rode my bike for the first time this past weekend with the Rekluse and I don't ever want to ride it without the auto clutch again!! The 2010 is a finicky sucker for sure - flame-outs turned me into a cussing fool for the last few months. My 2010 always died at the most inopportune time - not any longer. No more burning up my clutch doing everything I can to make this thing stay running in the slow, technical stuff. The Rekluse does it better than I ever could...
  14. Not trying to threadjack, but I started with the medium/soft setting, which you described. I called Rekluse and they advised me to try the high/soft setting and turn the idle up - he said he has a lot of calls from guys with FI bikes complaining about acceleration stalls and a higher idle is usually the answer.
  15. 450motard

    EFI Throttle body mods

    I sent an email to Injectioneering requesting pricing information and a rough timeframe. My bike is just too darn twitchy, so hopefully this injectioneering mod pans out. Also planning to get a throttle cam from G2 to slow the response at low throttle (or something similar).