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  1. Wondering about lever replacement options. Managed to already break the stocker on my 2017 TE-250. Noticed they offer one of the folding variety for the brake on the Husky web site. Not for the clutch. Imagine there must be something available from someone else. Looking for suggestions/opinions. Imagine if I had one on my bike the lever would still be intact,thanks.
  2. carlg

    300 XC and JD Jetting

    You can get the needle from a KTM dealer. I think it's the stock needle for the 2003 250sx. They work very well in the 300 and as noted much cheaper that the JD kit.
  3. carlg

    Anybody pickup that new gas cap yet?

    Guess I better get in line also my 07 250XCW cap has finally gone south also. Typical symptoms hard to twisst on and the resulting seepage, bummer!
  4. carlg

    Hard Parts Stealth Sprocket FYI

    I have an unfair advanatage as I work in a machine shop so I just milled out the excess. You might be sble to do the same thing with a jigsaw. I sure didn't wan to just let it wear in either.
  5. This will apply to the four stroke bikes also. I just installed one of the hard parts sprockets. I discovered when I went to put the wheel back on the bike that the lower chain guide block needs to be modified. The head of the rivit on the sprocket won't clear the guide. Not a real big deal just a suprise I thought the chain had a real bad tight spot.
  6. carlg

    bark busters??

    Another trick item for any type of guard are the threaded inserts that go in the end of the handle bar. Emig Racing offers them on their site. I think they're 35.00 for a pair. This includes the tap for threading the internal diameter of your bars. It's a really solid means of mounting the hand guard. I beleive there are other companies that offer the inserts also. I know that the Cycra clamps didn't work well on the Nekkin bars on my 07 KTM.
  7. carlg

    Capital Forest on Friday the 11th

    Hey Russ that sounds like fun but I don't think I can get off with such a short notice. I would like to ride there sometime in the future. Maybe we can line something up? Guess I'll have to wait till Saturday, I guess Jeff is coming by at 6:00. See ya at Taneum, Carl.
  8. carlg

    250exc - do you love yours?

    I've got a 07 XC-W which would be the replacement for the EXC. I really enjoy mine. I've also owned a 300 as Jeb did and liked that also. I also post on ktmtalk and it seems that the 250 kind of falls through the crack so to speak. Most people seem to prefer either the 300 or 200 usually depending upon the type of riding they do. Would be ideal if you could ride them all to make your decision easier. Really don't think you could go wrong with any of them. It all boils down to your personal preferece, as you'll be the one riding it.
  9. carlg

    07 250xc jetting

    I've got a 07 250 XC-W which was a little fat from the factory. I lowered the clip position on the stock needle first and it seemed to improve things a bit but left room for improvement. I then purchased the JD kit as I had one in my 04 300. I really didn't fiddle with it all that much to be honest. I stumbled upon a much cheaper option. A local dealer mentioned a specific needle which comes from the 03 250SX. It's a N3CH which costs around twelve dollars. He also suggested a larger pilot and main jet. The bike ran super after this modification. I've seen this needle mentioned on ktmtalk so it's a viable fix, cheaper than a JD kit. You may want to give it a try?
  10. carlg

    Best aftermarket 250XC pipe?

    Not real sure about the 07 models but in the past you needed a seperate silencer specifically for the SST pipe. A buddy tried the SST on his 02 300 and didn't really like it all that much. Suppose it depends on the terrain, I believe the SST is more of a moto pipe. Pro Circuit also make fairly good pipes for KTM bikes. Many people feel that they fit better than the FMF's.
  11. carlg

    Best aftermarket 250XC pipe?

    The factory pipe for the 06 model is 280.00 according to the parts finder on ktmtalk. I'm guessing that the price for the 07 should be similar. You can get the FMF hardparts pipe from Munn Racing for under 200. Depending how bad you damaged it you may be able to have it repaired. There is a place down in Oregon that does amazing work.
  12. carlg

    Handguards and 06 KTM 300

    I originally purchased the Cycra guards from the hard parts book came with the easy fit clamps. Had the very same problem. Ended up going with the solution mount also. If you cut your bars down you will need to put another hole in the bracket. Another nice benefit is that it provides protection for your computer as well.
  13. carlg

    Dealership Recommendation

    Not real sure that you'll find the kind of deal you're looking for locally? However if you have the time and are interested in the blue bikes I would check out Adventure Motorsports out in Monroe. They seem to be pretty straight forward. They actually post all the fees on each bike, eliminating the guessing game. You also might try ebay as I've riden with people who have purchased bikes there. Much cheaper than local dealers even after the freight charges, good luck.
  14. carlg

    Thinking about Belfair on Sunday. Ride report?

    Well at least the snow may deter some folks from going out. granted it's a fun place to ride and one of the few open year round. You need to observe some caution as it's very easy to have an incident when the place get's full. Especially on the 2 track stuff. Singlr track trails tend to be a bit safer. Probably the closest to you though.
  15. carlg

    KTM question (dumb)

    I think you would be happy with either bike. However based on the riding altitude you may look at the 300. I currently have an 07 250W and owned an 04 300 prior. Don't have a greast deal of time on the 250 so I can't really make a fair comparison. The 300 definitely has more pull on the bottom end, and the while the 250 revs a bit quicker. It still has suprising bottom end pull just the same. I too basically ride single track trails primarily. In certain situations the 300 has more power than you really need IMO. Suppose the best option woule be to see if you could possibly ride both bikes in both XC and XC-W trim and make your decision based on that.