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  1. thunder1

    Knee braces verses Shin guards.

    The best i've used are AirArmor. They are a lightweight carbon fiber and prevent hyperextension. With no interior hinge and no thigh strap they are really comfortable. Dr.s don't write Rx for uninjured knees but will gladdly do so after, why wait?
  2. Maximum protection for your knees without interferance with your ride is AirArmor. Check e-bay or the manufacturer at www.armorsports.com.
  3. thunder1

    Ready to ride again, knee brace?

    The study you site is only one of many published in the AJSM on the subjet. Most concure that knee braces help prevent reinjury, depending moslty on which brace is used. Most studies are with College football players and published studies report injury reduction from 30-95%. dj Orthopedics Don Joy brand is in the 30% reduction area and the AirArmor is 95% injury reduction.
  4. The EVS is ok but with the interior hinge it's not that great having it between you and your machine. The AirArmor brace does not have thigh straps and only a lateral hinge. The carbon composite construction is exceptionally strong and will absorb most impats. Check out www.AirArmor.com. They are a bit more expensive but have a 4 year warranty.
  5. thunder1

    Knee guards/braces

    Are you bigger than and NFL Offensive Lineman? A half dozen of the SF 49ers Offensive Line are wearing the AirArmor knee and leg protection system. There are no thigh straps, no interior hinge and the carbon composite has a 4 year warranty. They do not come with guards, but when used in the NHL the shin guards interface properly with the AirArmor. They also come with extra long calf straps. ArmorSports sell them for about $550 a pair.
  6. thunder1

    knee braces

    I've been wearing the AirArmor knee brace by ArmorSports. There is no interior hinge to get between you and your machine. With the carbon composite construction and 4 year warranty, it can't be any better.
  7. The AirArmor knee brace has a 4 year warranty so even at the $550 per pair price, you'll not have to replace them any time soon.
  8. thunder1

    Knee brace advice needed!

    The best Knee Brace on the market today is actually not a "Brace" in the traditional form but knee and leg protection. AirArmor. From what I understand it was developed for football to allow athletes to wear them to prevent knee injureis without affecting speed and agility of the players. They have only one external hinge so there is nothing between the rider and bike. They are also not strapped to your thigh but stay in place by using a custom football girdle. The company web site says they are 20 oz each and sold in pairs. I think about $550 a pair. Web site is www.airarmor.com. I think you can buy factory direct without an Rx. Aparently the brace allows full movement without hyper extension so your MCL sprain can heal.