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  1. sharrock

    best muffler

    what is the best aftermarket muffler i can get for the money, for a crf450x 2007
  2. in mexico last year, the connector between the rectifirer and battery melted(dc power charging the battery(red and black with white stripe wires)). quick fix two cheap quick connectors. worked good got me home and riding for the spring. battery problems. bike sat for four months. just cleaned the carb oil change...ect. new battery. fired up right away but one of the connectors was getting super hot(the negative wire) and like right away. now i checked the resistance across the connector it was .4 ohms i though this to be not enough to worry about am i wrong? resistace=heat right? but now i was wondering what else might be the problem so i was looking and testing. i found continuty between the three wires leading into my rectifier(AC power generated?) and my engine case. does this mean my generator coils are shorting out? because i dont think they should be touching a ground, this is with them disconected from the rectifier. I am kinda stumped and am new at this so any info is appreciated, tips, other tests i can do? thanks.
  3. sharrock

    rear suspension adjustment(how much?)

    i weigh 180 pounds, the bike is a 2004 klx400s. i installed race tech springs front and rear last winter. dont know what the spring rate is though. its a pretty heavy bike though as i have a fair amount of armour on it and i do beleive the manual i have is for a 2002 drz400e/s so this could be one of my mistakes.
  4. sharrock

    rear suspension adjustment(how much?)

    thanks. ill put her back together set the sag and see how she feels
  5. my rear suspension is to stiff. I put a race tech spring on a few months ago and thought i had adjusted the spring length to stock E settings but today I just checked and it was at 255mm in stead of the 258mm my manual suggests. I have adjusted it to 261mm is this too much or too little? It was definatly too stiff my rear tire would kick my ass end up in the air when hitting obsticals. my dampining screws i have set at one click past stock. I dont want to put it all back together to find out i need to adjust more or less but i guess that could be the case as only i cant tell exactly how it feels. Any body know how much of a diferance 6mm makes?
  6. sharrock

    racing my DRZ400S

    it is happening at the cowichan sand drags, in the cowichan valley just outside of Youbou on vancouver isand on june 17
  7. sharrock

    racing my DRZ400S

    the starter ya hmmm...
  8. sharrock

    racing my DRZ400S

    forgot to mention i have a clarke 3.9 gallon tank on it and i fill it only half full
  9. sharrock

    racing my DRZ400S

    I am currently racing a endurocross season (well its only about 4 races) on vancouver island in british columbia canada. The only bike i own is a 04 drz400s, so that is the bike i am racing with. I have done a few mods over the last yesr: fcr carb, 3*3 air box, E model cam shafts, E model header pipe with big gun exaust pipe, race tech springs front and rear, e model foot pegs, kickstart kit(not the best for racing but handy in the bush and i am not goona take it out and put it back in every race), msr gear shifter(inch longer) and then i've added on more weight ,custom bash plate, cfc case savers, unibiker rad guards, only cause i can not afford to brake anything. I have removed the helmet lock, horn,speedo/computer,headlight/taillight. I dont really no what else to do. any suggestions?? besides buying a new bike. the drzs weighs 291 pounds dry ,thats with out any of my extras added on =too heavy.any weight saving tips?
  10. sharrock

    drz400 mileage CANT FIND

    my old drz had about 80,000 kilometers on it befor i sold it and it was still running strong. frequent oil changes and all routine matanance done right all the time. im hoping my new one lasts as long!
  11. sharrock

    How often do you wash your bike??

    ouch buddy looks like you took a bail
  12. sharrock

    Skid Plate/Case Protectors

    get an aluminum one. mine is custom made with extra skid bars welded on where it was starting to wear though, saves my engine case all the time. takes a solid beating and keeps on tickin
  13. sharrock

    Do not buy a Clarke Gas tank!

    have a clarke 16 liter tank with origanal cap and gasket no problems yet .....13,000 ks and counting.......
  14. sharrock

    ARRESTED on my SM!!!

    same story but got off eazy,I dont even have any mirrors 02 drze, told the cop I busted them during a trail ride the day before. he gave me a speeding tiket $126 and a fail to stop for police which I took to court and won.
  15. sharrock

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    sounds like a sweet idea, i just got back from doing 5000 kilometers in mexico on my drz s. the perfect bike for the trip, I had the fcr carb and e header pipe with a after market exaust so I had the power of the e with the s base gasket! the sub frame on the s is bigger too and can handle more of a load then the e, I had two problems on the road: 1 the header pipe cracked in half right close to the head(just from vibes and maby a bang or two earlyer in its life) luckly there was a welder 15 minutes down the road, and 2 ;the electrical connector between the stater (state-er) and the battery melted. I dont know if this will happen to you but be aware. hope to see your trip report, my friend is working on ours and it should be up soon.