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  1. I have seen posts online that say Husky makes saddle bags for the SM610. Has anyone seen them or a picture of them? Thanks!
  2. Just brought home my new SM610! SWEET! First ride was awsome I would like to put a pipe on before my wife notices. Any suggestions?
  3. I would like to purchase a dual sport bike for my wife. She is short 5'2". She also has NO experience. I am not opposed to an "offbrand" bike. Anyone have a suggestion?
  4. Thank You!
  5. I have just purchased a SM610. I purchased a trickle charger, but, am unaware if the battery is a 6V or 12V. Can anyone help please? Thanks!
  6. ok, first a bike is not an asset. Don't buy one if you plan on making money on that "investment". Second, who pays cash for a bike and does not insure it? Third, you can use the bike as collateral against the property loan. However, if you can take a second mortage against your house for both, you can write off the interest.........but if you dont pay extra on the principal on the bike you will owe on it forever
  7. are those your sisters?
  8. I live in a small town with no Arai helmets dealers near me. I would like to purchase a XD for my dual sport. I can't seem to find a dealer online. Any help?
  9. Thank you for the reply's. It would be great to hook-up if anyone is riding in Ohio or WV
  10. Just placed a deposit on a new 610SM. Boats are still on the water, so it is gonna be a long 3-4 weeks waiting! Anyone near Marietta OH?
  11. OK, I work @ U.C. on the weekends occassionaly. I live in Marietta..
  12. what part of Ohio?
  13. I am looking to buy a new dual sport motorcycle. I have not woned one for years, although I do have a track bike and a Harley. I want one primarily for the back roads of WV. I am currently trying to decide between a new Husky TE610E that I can get now, or waiting for Feb or March and getting the new KTM 625SMC. I will do some two up riding with my wife if that makes one better than the other. I appriciate any input. Thanks for your help
  14. Going to look at an 06 at a dealer this week. He has quoted 6700.00. Does that seem like a fair price?
  15. I am interested in purchasing a TE610E. I am looking for a street legal Super motard style bike for around town and to play on. I have a "woods bike" and a "track bike". I am more interested in a bike to play around town on, back roads, twisties, etc. I have read the seat lacks a little, but all in all is everyone happy with their Husky? I plan to change the tires use this bike as 85% road bike. Thank you for your help!