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  1. I have searched the site and cant find my answer so please forgive me if I missed it. I need to find/buy the o rings to seal the fuel inlet where it goes into the carb and am having trouble. Just in case the "fuel inlet" isn’t the correct term or further description is needed, the fuel line comes from the petcock and goes to the fuel inlet located on the left side of the carb. The fuel inlet is L shaped with the fuel line coming in at the top and the other end going into the carb. There are 3 o rings that seal it to keep it from leaking gas between it and the carb. My local bike parts stores are....well you know. Anyway they can’t even get them. The o rings are kind of oddball with the inner and outer circumference being flat, so they may not actually be "O" rings. I checked the manual and found them shown in a diagram, but there are no part numbers or other useful info to help solve the problem. I tried experimenting with o rings from the local auto and hardware stores and I can’t find the right size. Has anyone fought this problem or able to point me in the right direction? Where am I gonna find these stupid things? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.