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  1. thanks for the help.had a brain fart and could'nt remember which way i took it out.
  2. Hi all need some help.I took carb apart on my 2005 wr 450 i can't remember which way the diaphram goes in .
  3. i have a 2005 wr 450 (Canada) will the gytr fuel screw (#gyt-2s275-00-00)fit my bike?Yamaha canada's site says 06 and up.And yamaha u.s. says 04 to 07 but the part numbers are the same.Thanks
  4. Make sure its the right battery i have a 2005 wr 450 and it came with a wr 250 battery in it i think it was 5 amp and the 450 is 7 amp.Actually it said right the battery designed for wr 250.
  5. just bought a boyesen quickshot has anyone installed one of these befor and did anyone have any problems.I know its says just bolt on but things are never that easy.Any hits, tips would be great.
  6. yes at a steady throttle works fine when excelerating
  7. spring is good im getting full throttle just seems to sort of spudder in mid range.i should be around sea level or a bit above, like a big hill would be 1000 feet here.
  8. have a steel washer and plastic washer under the clip and steel washer on top of the clip.
  9. sorry mistake there.i went from a 22.5 to a 25 pilot.and i used the the spring and needle jet from the dyno jet kit at 4th position.then moved clip to 3rd and 5 position with no change.
  10. Have a 03 drz400's(Canadian model) did the 3x3 airbox mod stage 1 dyno jet kit 140 main 27.5 pilot.Bike sucks in mid range good top end, idles great surges and chucks around 105 km.Tried moving clip down 1 and up 1 same thing.Any thoughts?