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  1. my 84 chevy 6in lift with 36 12.50 superswampers
  2. Hey thanks for the info!
  3. im plaing on taking a trip to china hat and my bike is taged for washington do i need a Oregon ORV pass too or will mine be fine? thanks for the help
  4. hey hows it goin im thinkin of goin do u have to member???
  5. haahahah thats funny
  6. its for my lil bro and he wants to no what it could look like or
  7. or this one please do it i dont no how.. yours are awsome
  8. yeah it looks good i did the same thing to my wr250f and its worth it
  9. so can anyone ride on monday becuse it is a holiday ???
  10. hey Joe so this weekend poeple can go riding at jones creek?
  11. Thanks to all who replied. i cant believe all it needed was a good charge. thanks again
  12. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. i noticed about a month ago that the e-start was getting weaker or harder to start. i really didnt think anything of it. well now it dosnt work at all and everytime u push the button it buzzes under the seat. now i work on cars and was wondering if it had some kind of a starter solenoid and that was the problem. oh and i checked the fuses there fine. thanks ahead for the help. Ray
  13. i was there i seen that battle it was so loud from the fans every time there was a pass i was next to the table top comming off the hill
  14. i am a hunter and the frist thing i learned was gun safety there are plenty of places to shoot around there i also used to hunt up there befor they closed it i obay the law other places to shoot silver star the gun range on the way up there. i also agree with you by having a place for shooting up that would be good but it should be away from places that are close to roads hiking trails and as well orv trails
  15. when is this place opean for riding i always thought you wernt aloud to ride there??