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  1. bultokid

    Wanted '01-'02 CR250

    Thanks to all for the info
  2. bultokid

    Wanted '01-'02 CR250

    Looking for a nice '01-'02 CR250 if anyone knows where one's at I would be grateful if you'd let me know. Thanks, ride safe-Rhett bultokid@yahoo.com
  3. bultokid

    My 2009 510 TXC

    I've got an '08 TC510, love it. Get the JD jet kit and forget about it.
  4. bultokid

    No 2010 TC510 ???

    many thanks, keep us posted please
  5. bultokid

    No 2010 TC510 ???

    Has Husky dropped the TC510 ? shame if they have as I can tell you just got a '08 TC510 and it's incredible mx bike and MXA just gave it a favorable write up.
  6. bultokid

    '08 TC Service Manual

    Got the '09 many thanks was hoping someone had a '08 as just picked up a TC510. Thanks ride safe
  7. Took my '08 TC510 out to the track for the shakedown ride yesterday and all I can say is.....Holy crap this thing is incredible and I'm a die-hard 500 2t guy. Only issue is the bog about sent me over the bars twice. First was down hill drop-off jump and landed and ..nada...but got a nice close-up view of the front fender next face of triple step-up bogged. As all I do is mx have to cure this as hard to ride the track hard with that doubt in back of your mind. I got the bike from fellow in Chicago and I'm in Houston so I'm going to take carb apart and get all jet specs and check for any junk in it clean out tank etc. Any suggestions ? I had a '05 CRF450 for few months in '05 and after I did the AP mod it made huge difference on it. Does anyone make offset shifters for the Husky like Hammerhead does for CRF as my size 13 and shifter dont get along too well. Was amazed at how close the gear ratios are as was on a old-school fast natural track and could basically use 4th whole track and bike just pulls to the moon, smooth roll on power. Did I mention I love this bike ? Thanks to all for your help. Happy 4th !
  8. bultokid

    '08 TC510 for mx ??

    Have a great line on a '08 TC510, all I do is mx, no sx for this old man. Anyone race a TC510 ? Have heard that TC450 is better mx'er but I'm a big-bore 500 2t vintage racer ('82 Husky 500CR) and at 6'2" 235lbs the extra oomph helps. Thanks to all the great info and input. Ride safe
  9. bultokid

    09vs08, 450vs510, tc or txc ? newb help

    oops meant to say 95% of time on mx track
  10. bultokid

    09vs08, 450vs510, tc or txc ? newb help

    Thanks guys for all the help, still can't decide if the 450 or 510 would best suit my needs (95%) one thing is for sure either way I'm getting the little red magic button as have seen some TC's with it added on.
  11. Few questions for the faithful. Looking at a new Husky and not really up to speed on the modern ones. 6'2" 235 46yr old vet nov/int level mxer, only race vintage or evo these days on '82 Husky 500 / '83 Husky 250 / '83 Honda CR480. Looking for one to ride with my friends and to practice on between vintage races but as time is scarce (son's baseball) these days really don't ride much anymore but the new Husky is calling my name and will be on mx track 95% of the time. Whats the main differences between the '08 and '09 ? What is better suited for my needs the 450 or 510 ? I've seen a few '08 TC510 with e-start and have to admit the little red button sure is nice and have to say bud loves his on his KTM450SX and when it's 105 in summer here any bit helps. Does the e-start add that much weight ? I could see at pro-level racing but for a spode does it matter ? My current practice bike is a Honda CR500. Thanks to this forum and everyones input and help. Ride safe----Rhett
  12. bultokid

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    thanks to all for the great input, as all I will do is ride mx seems the '94 is the way to go, the '87 just has this magical pull on me, guess due to fact DB was always my favorite rider and had Bultaco roots too.
  13. bultokid

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    HRC, thats is one beauty there, anymore pixs of the mean machine ? What year airbox is that ? Reason tempted by the '87 was I can hang with most of buds on their new 450s on my '83 CR480 so figured that remembered how great the 87 CR line was, should do ok on the '87 but didn't take parts issues into effect and as the '91-'01 parts galore and plan to ride it 1-2 times per month guess the '94 would make more sense
  14. bultokid

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    thanks guys just ran across a very nice '91 also, how does that compare ?
  15. bultokid

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    Have a line on 2 nice CR500's in very good shape. I will be mx only between vintage races ( '79 CR250 & '83 CR480 ) to have a little fun. I can also run the '87 in our local series which has class for 80's bikes . What would be the pros/cons of both. Thanks for the input...ride safe.