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  1. Tingsborg

    Aftermarket clutch?!

    I'm on my 3rd clutch set and into my 22nd thousand miles. ( I'm handling the clutch wrong sometimes). The first 2 sets were original Hondas. They are quite easy to "burn" (my xperience) . Now I'm using Barnetts clutch set together with an extra metal plate since some time ago. Nowadays I have no problem with the clutch. However the smoothness are since long gone now I have a got a clutch that can take mistreatment for long time and always works but in the other way the clutch is just on and off, no feeling. If you only go desert racing it should work fine.
  2. Tingsborg

    xr650r countershaft sprocket

    I have run a 16 sprocket on mine. No problem...